Review: Spider-Man Marvel Heat Holders Socks

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We were sent these Marvel Heat Holders for review purposes, all images and opinions are our own. This blog post contains affiliate links.

Now that the nights are drawing in and summer is giving way to autumn we are starting to wrap up a bit more against the autumn chill. The small-ish boy has a good selection of slippers and slipper-socks in various styles and with different characters on them. He loves them and so do I because they keep his toes warm on our cold floors. We’ve spent the last few days on holiday at Ribby Hall in Lancashire and whilst we were there we put a pair of Spider-Man Marvel Heat Holders Socks to the test.

Review: Spider-Man Marvel Heat Holders Socks

This newly licensed sock range from Heat Holders includes two Marvel favourites – Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk. The Spider-Man socks are bright red with a fleecy brushed lining on the inside. They are adorned with the spidery superhero’s famed iconic spider symbol. They also have grippy Spider-Man symbols on the soles of the socks which provide extra grip for kids who like to run about on my wooden floors.

Look at these cosy feet…

Review: Spider-Man Marvel Heat Holders Socks

The boy really loved these. He’s a big Spider-Man fan so they hit the spot before he’d even put them on his feet. He really enjoyed the grippy soles and put them to the test in our holiday cottage. I knew they were a hit when I discovered him wearing them in bed. Plus they were the first thing he put on his feet when we got back to the cottage after a busy day.

These Spider-Man Marvel Heat Holders socks are available in kids sizes and cost between £7.99-£9.99 (on Amazon) depending on the size you need. Heat Holders are supposed to be the warmest socks in the world. They have a tog rating of 3.1 which is pretty cosy!

Review: Spider-Man Marvel Heat Holders Socks

With the release of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” over the summer; these cosy socks are the perfect present for spidey fans. Now there’s an autumnal chill in the air, everyone needs cosy toes!

Find out more about Heat Holders on their website.

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  1. This is so timely! Hubby has terrible circulation and gets really cold feet in winter. I was ordering him a pair of slipper socks this week for when we go away to Wales for our anniversary, so will order the adult ones of these for him to try x

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