At least 5 things every blogger has on their desk

Inspired by pictures of the desks of some of my blogging friends, each looking like a calm oasis of creativity, I decided that I needed a proper desk of my own. I wanted something simple but stylish. Somewhere that was all mine. Somewhere which wasn’t covered in Paw Patrol stickers or my husband’s trade magazines. So I bit the bullet and ordered a new desk, it arrived last week and I’ve spent the last few days organising myself and getting settled in. I love it. 

It’s been a long time since I had a desk to call my own. It’s been nearly four years since I left my job in the NHS and decided to do this for a living instead. I’ve not regretted my decision for a single second, but I do miss having colleagues and having proper office desks to sit at and organise myself at.

At least 5 things every blogger has on their desk

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s you need somewhere you can work and somewhere to keep yourself organised. Three years ago I appropriated a corner of the spare bedroom, but it’s turned into the dumping ground for everyone in the house. The table I used as a desk is now used by my husband and I’ve had to go back to using my laptop on my knee whilst sat on the sofa. That’s no good for anyone’s back, least of all mine.

Now I’m settled in and I’ve got my knick-knacks, notebooks and pens where they need to be, I feel like I do have that calm oasis of creativity I’ve been craving. I’m going to try my best to keep my desk tidy, organised and free from clutter and the lovely work space it is now. 

At least 5 things every blogger has on their desk

At least 5 things I keep on my desk

Laptop – obviously. I can’t work without it and this is a permanent fixture and almost an extension of myself. I could probably do with a new one soon though, this tired old faithful is starting to show its age.

Notebooks – as the daughter of a stationer, my obsession with notebooks started at an early age and shows no signs of waning. My husband thinks I have a problem, but you can never have too many notebooks. Lined, squared or plain paper, all have their place and their use. pretty covers are a must. I use them for lists, notes, ideas and sketches. I could never go paperless!

Pens & Pencils – like notebooks, my love for pens started early. I am very particular about my pens. Give me a decent ball-point pen and I’m happy. I am very fond of the pack of pens I bought a while ago in all different colours. This allows my inner geek to colour code my work, each pen has a different meaning and use. Yes, I probably do need help.

At least 5 things every blogger has on their desk

Sentimental stuff – wherever I’ve worked, my desk has always had a little bit of me on it; even in places where such displays of personality were banned. My desk is currently decorated with a beautiful “Bee Happy” picture my friend made for me. I added some fairy wands we made at the Just So Festival, some lights and a family photo. There are a few other touches; a coaster I bought in a lovely shop on holiday in Bude and “love” cut out in wood because there was a gap on my desk it was perfect for. I’ll probably change things as I go, but I like the homely simplicity of it all.

A decent cuppa – I need a brew. There’s no two ways about it, I need a brew by my side when I work. If I can’t have a cuppa then I need a drink of something, water, diet coke, gin and tonic. Snacks are optional, but often gratefully received.

What’s on your desk?

At least 5 things every blogger has on their desk

This post is in collaboration with Kit Out My Office.

14 responses to “At least 5 things every blogger has on their desk

  1. This is so true, I’m a sucker for a nice notebook. Some are so nice though that I can’t quite bring myself to use them. Is it just me that does that?

  2. Rebecca Hollick

    This looks gorgeous. I need a new workspace now!

  3. Wishing I had my own little office to set up a proper desk and other cutesy blogging things. Usually I’m writing on my laptop in the floor while trying to keep my 2 toddlers entertained.

  4. I need to have a good reorganise of my stationary, I feel some new notebook purchases coming. Yours look so pretty.

  5. I normally have a bottle of water and a camera nearby so I can upload pictures. I need to tidy a little I also have paperwork to at the moment.

  6. Yes to the them all,the cuppa has to there before I begin !!

  7. I love my desk it has a few fashion books on it, notebooks and blog props πŸ™‚ it’s my quirky space

  8. My desk space is looking rather messy at the moment. I really need to organise it better. I have everything on your list apart from the cuppa

  9. Nice desk and I’m happy that you included a cuppa!! We need to keep our strength up. Ha ha ha. Unfortunately I’m still stuck at the dining room table. Currently apart from my notebook and mobile I have 2 nearly finished bowls of soup (not mine), an opened box of Lego, colours and scrunched up paper joining me at the table. It’s a tough life!!! πŸ™‚

  10. I’m so jealous you have a desk as I blog from my laptop on the sofa!

  11. I have a to do list on mine! Cuppa is not on mine as I’m not a big tea/coffee drinker.

  12. I have all of these things on my desk other than the cuppa… I don’t like hot drinks that much so it’s usually a can of diet coke or a bottle of water/juice. πŸ™‚ I think my fave addition is having some of my favourite Truthbombs by Danielle Laporte stuck to the bottom of my computer screen.
    At the moment I have “Broadcast your essence” and “You know the answer” stuck there. I like to change it about a bit and sometimes have a tarot or oracle card there instead (*holds up her hippy flag*)

  13. Hello Beautiful Bear

    What a lovely little space, I love it! This really made me giggle, my partner thinks I have a notebook problem too. I always ask him to pass it over and he’s like ‘which one out of the hundreds that you have?’ Oops! x

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