Father’s Day Breakfast in Bed

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Each weekend our little family has a bit of a routine, I’m not great at getting out of bed until my painkillers kick in, so Saturday and Sunday I am usually given breakfast in bed. Whilst it’s not usually anything more than a decent cup of coffee and a plate of scrambled eggs or a veggie sausage sandwich, it is a treat, especially when the small boy joins me and we have a little bed based breakfast picnic.

Hubs is an utterly fantastic Dad. When I was ill a couple of years ago he did everything. He ran his business, ran the household and did everything for the small boy (who at the time was very small indeed) as well as looking after me when I couldn’t even get to the bathroom by myself. He is a star!

He deserves a Father’s Day treat – and what more could a man want for breakfast than a bacon butty and a leisurely breakfast in bed (for a change).

Breakfast in Bed

We made him a lovely bacon butty just how he likes it; on thick cut white bread from Roberts Bakery, no butter, just lashings of tomato sauce and crispy bacon. We carefully wrapped it in greaseproof paper and decorated it with sticky letters. A good bacon butty should always be teamed with a good strong mug of tea in his favourite mug. Perfect.

Breakfast in Bed

But did he like it? There were only crumbs left, and a big smile, so I’m guessing yes. Bacon butties FTW.

Roberts Bakery have created a Father’s Day Bacon Butty Guide if you need advice or inspiration for a bacony breakfast in bed.

How do you like your bacon butties? What’s your secret to making the best bacon butty?

Note: I was sent a breakfast in bed goodie bag in return for this post, all images and opinions are my own.

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