Beech’s Fine Chocolates Luxury Handmade Truffles

I’m a fan of Beech’s Fine Chocolates who are based just up the road from me in Lancashire. Beech’s Fine Chocolates have been making quality, traditional British Chocolates since 1920, including novelties for children, right up to their latest range of luxury handmade truffles.

Their new collection of luxury handmade truffles includes Champagne, Pink Champagne, Prosecco and Sea Salted Caramel flavours. Each box contains 9 truffles and costs £6.99 per beautiful box.

Beech’s Fine Chocolates Luxury Handmade Truffles

The silver embossing on the boxes is especially lovely. Each pastel box is emblazoned with the phrase “All you need is Love & Chocolate”. It’s an eye-catching and appealing box of chocolates which would make a lovely gift for someone special.

I’m someone who gets given a box of Champagne truffles for my birthday and Christmas, so I’ve tried quite a lot of Champagne truffles over the years and these were excellent. Packed full of Champagne flavour, but not so much that it overwhelms the thick chocolate shell.

I had never until now tried a Pink Champagne truffle. These lightly dusted truffles burst with Pink Champagne flavour. They are made with white chocolate and they’re so delicate in every way. They might be my new favourite Champagne truffle.

Beech’s Fine Chocolates Luxury Handmade Truffles

I am pleased to see that Prosecco truffles are part of the new range. I’ve never tried a Prosecco truffle before but I’ve got a feeling these will be popular. The milk chocolate truffles are delicious; slightly more delicate that the Champagne truffles but just as smooth and creamy inside.

Last but my no means least are the Anglesey Sea Salted Caramel truffles. These have been dusted with cocoa and filled with salted caramel. They’re so good. Really luxurious, not too salty and with a nice balance between the chocolate and the caramel. I loved them.

These luxury handmade truffles from Beech’s Fine Chocolates are a real treat. They’re as pretty as a picture, they’re utterly delicious and they’d make really lovely little gifts this Christmas.

Find out more about Beech’s Fine Chocolates Luxury Handmade Truffles on their website.

Note: We were sent these truffles for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own. 

11 responses to “Beech’s Fine Chocolates Luxury Handmade Truffles

  1. Mmm I think the Anglesey Sea Salt win it for me, although I wouldn’t say no to a prosecco truffle either! Beautiful boxes too – proper coffee table chocs!

  2. Very reasonably priced and I like all the different flavours that these truffles have. Make a great gift or treat for yourself.

  3. I’ve never been a fan of alcoholic chocolates, but I’m sure the salted caramel ones are absolutely divine! 🙂

  4. These look very luxurious, right down to the box! I like the sound of the Anglesey salted caramel truffles.

  5. The packaging for these are right up my street, love how they all fit together perfectly. I love the idea of the salted caramel ones! 😀

  6. I’d like to try salted caramel ones. They sound so delicious and yummy. They’re even great for giving as presents.

  7. I love the packaging on these, the contents look pretty special too.

  8. Ooh i would love to try the Prosecco ones, I haven’t heard of the brand before and I live in Lancashire. Might hint for some at Christmas x

  9. I have quite a few friends who I’m sure would love to try these truffles! I might have to treat them to a box or two for Christmas 🙂

    Louise x

  10. These would make excellent gifts for Christmas. Can’t beat chocolate truffles!

  11. I have never been into truffles, these do look ever so tasty though. X

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