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AD/gifted. Homemade gifts and treats are always popular Christmas gifts. For many years now, friends and family have requested and been given anything from homemade jam and chutney to freshly baked shortbread. Always wanting to expand my repertoire, I’ve started thinking about making my own little chocolates and truffles. This week I’ve been playing Little Miss Chocolatier with this Organic Chocolate Starter Kit from Indigo Herbs.

Win an Indigo Herbs Organic Chocolate Starter Kit

The Indigo Herbs Organic Chocolate Starter Kit contains everything you need to make your first batch of organic chocolate, including a recipe and full instructions. The 750g kit costs £23.99 and is the perfect size for whipping up a batch of real chocolate Christmas treats this Christmas (or at any other time). The Indigo Herbs Organic Chocolate Starter Kit contains:

  • Organic Raw Cacao Powder
  • Organic Raw Cacao Butter
  • Pure Raw Vanilla Powder
  • Organic Raw Agave Syrup

Win an Indigo Herbs Organic Chocolate Starter Kit

My task for the afternoon was to make some treats for my family. I wasn’t sure how much chocolate my kit would make, the packaging suggests about 45 small bars but I couldn’t visualise that. I had some Star Wars silicone moulds, so I gave them a good clean and a spritz with some oil so the chocolate wouldn’t stick.

Making the chocolate was really very straightforward. Over a Bain Marie I melted the Organic Raw Cacao Butter, which did take a little while. Once melted I added the Pure Raw Vanilla Powder and stirred it through, then the Organic Raw Cacao Powder; stirring and stirring until it looked smooth and silky, then I added the Organic Raw Agave Syrup and stirred 100 times (ish).

Win an Indigo Herbs Organic Chocolate Starter Kit

I carefully poured the chocolate into a jug and then filled my silicone moulds. I had some chocolate left over, so I made a sheet of craisin bark and a sheet of walnut bark. There was lots of chocolate (which is not a bad thing), so be prepared for that. I left my chocs in a cool place to set. Once I turned them out I was really happy with how they looked. The Star Wars chocolates are especially good I think.

Indigo Herbs sell a broad range of Natural health ingredients including herbs, superfoods, wholefoods and natural botanicals. Sourcing the finest quality ingredients from around the globe since 2005. Their Organic Chocolate Starter Kit is dairy-free; organic; gluten-free; vegan; it’s packed with nutrients and it’s delicious and nutritious. Raw Cacao contains over 300 nutrients, including antioxidants and minerals and it’s sweetened with Raw Agave Syrup which has a low gylcaemic index.

Win an Indigo Herbs Organic Chocolate Starter Kit

Win an Indigo Herbs Organic Chocolate Starter Kit

How does it taste? If you like dark chocolate, then raw chocolate is perfect for you. It’s full of complex, rich cacao flavours, it’s not too sweet or creamy like over the counter chocolate, but it’s a deliciously decadent treat for real chocolate fans.

This Indigo Herbs Organic Chocolate Starter Kit would make the perfect Christmas gift for a chocolate loving foodie, or an equally great kit to make your own chocolate gifts for friends and family this Christmas.

Win an Indigo Herbs Organic Chocolate Starter Kit

To buy the kit, or for more information about Indigo Herbs, visit their website.

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