Meal Planning Monday: What’s in my shopping trolley?

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I’ve started doing Meal Planning Monday again. Partly because it’s quite interesting for me to look back and see what we’ve eaten. Partly because I’m really busy (and skint) and need to feel a bit organised when it comes to feeding my family. This week I’m also sharing the contents of my shopping trolley and asking for your thoughts.

Although I do like to cook from scratch almost all of the time, I sometimes reach for convenience when I’m in a hurry. This week is half term and I’ve got a million things to do before I even think about cooking dinner, so I’ve reached for a packet of frozen chicken kievs and some breaded plaice. I’ll also be pulling some of the beef stew I batch cooked a few weeks ago out of the freezer. I’m not going to even start beating myself up about it, because life is too short.

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week…

Meal Planning Monday: What's in my shopping trolley?

On Saturday night (because I am such a party animal) I sat and did an online shop from Morrisons. I’m not able to drive and I can’t carry heavy bags home from the shops, so once or twice a month I like to do a big-ish shop and stock up.

I thought you might like to have a look at the shopping I ordered on Saturday night. The grand total of £118.59 not including delivery for my bumper shopping trolley. This is quite a big shop for us, I’ve bought lots of extra snacky things because it’s half term and I have a hungry mouth to feed during the day. I’ve also been running my pantry down a little and it needed topping up.

There’s not a huge amount of meat in my shopping trolley, purely because I went to the butchers on Saturday and bought meat to put in the freezer. I also bought quite a lot of nice looking veg from the grocer and I didn’t need much more than I had.

So that’s it. What do you think of my shopping trolley? I’d really love to know your thoughts.

What’s in my shopping trolley?

1 Morrisons Sliced Fruited Teacakes £0.80
1 New York Bagel Co. Cinnamon & Raisin £1.60
1 Blue Dragon Dark Soy Sauce £1.00
2 Branston Baked Beans (pack of four) £3.30
1 Dr Oetker Vanilla Extract £3.00
1. Green Giant Baby Cobs Sweetcorn (410g) £1.40
1 Hartley’s Lime Jelly £0.55
1. Heinz Squeezy Tomato Ketchup £2.16
1 John West Tuna Chunks in Spring Water (4x160g) £3.50
3 Morrisons Corned Beef £5.76
1 Morrisons Golden Breadcrumbs £0.74
1 Morrisons Green Pesto £1.00
2 Morrisons Macaroni £1.10
1 Morrisons Penne £1.00
2 Morrisons Pineapple Slices In Juice (425g) £1.50
1 Morrisons Prawn Crackers £1.00
1 Morrisons Red Pesto £1.00
4 Morrisons Sardines In Sunflower Oil (120g) £1.80
1 M savers Chocolate Hazelnut Spread £0.80
1 M savers Honey £1.00
2 M savers Mushy Peas £0.50
1 Nestle Carnation Cook With Condensed Milk £1.27
1. Snack a Jacks Caramel Flavour Jumbo Rice Cakes £1.00
1 Cadbury Fairtrade Drinking Chocolate £2.00
8 Diet Coke, Delivered Chilled £10.00
4 M savers No Added Sugar Orange Squash £1.32
1 Dr. Beckmann Glowhite Intensive Whitener Powder £1.47
1 Aquafresh Big Teeth 6+ Years Soft Toothbrush £1.00
2 Colgate Triple Action Toothpaste £2.00
2 Morrisons Cool Mint Mouthwash £1.00
1 Radox Feel Uplifted Shower Gel £1.50
1. Right Guard Xtreme Cool 2 in 1 Shower Gel £0.90
1 White Glo Coffee & Tea Drinkers Formula Toothpaste £3.87
1 Huggies Pure Baby Wipe Single £0.72
2 M savers Fragrance Free Baby Wipes £0.92
1 Morrisons Halloween Balloons £1.00
1 Morrisons Halloween Wicked Wig £5.00
2 Morrisons Dog Loaf Chicken Beef Lamb & Turkey £9.50

2 Cheestrings Original £2.00
1 Morrisons Baby Corn £1.00
2 Morrisons Breaded Plaice Fillets £5.00
2 Morrisons British Salted Butter £2.90
1 Morrisons Broccoli £0.43
1. Morrisons Butternut Squash £0.76
1 Morrisons Cheese Singles 20 Slices £1.90
2 Morrisons Lake District Mature Cheddar £8.00
1 Morrisons Low Fat Smooth Strawberry Yogurt £1.00
1 Morrisons Mature Grated Cheddar £3.21
2 Morrisons Pumpkin 16 – 22cm £1.00
2 Morrisons Seedless Red Grapes £3.00
1 Morrisons Selected Pink Lady Apples £1.20
1 Morrisons Shortcrust Pastry Sheet £1.00
2 Morrisons Unsalted British Butter £2.90
1 M savers Low Fat Fruit Yogurt Multipack £0.33

1 Morrisons Eat Smart Oven Chips £0.98
1. Morrisons Nacho Cheese Dippers £2.00
1 Quorn Frozen Mince £1.00

3 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday: What’s in my shopping trolley?

  1. Interesting use of brands for ketchup, beans and tuna. Is that a taste choice? I’m not brand lead at all, except weirdly for sanitary products. But beans have to be Lidl’s own (4 for £1ish), tuna and ketchup which ever is cheapest (so long as tuna is line caught).

    1. Thanks Claire. I usually shop using My Supermarket and most of my choices were because they were the cheapest options, even compared to the own brands, which is unusual. I’ve tried every tomato ketchup going and I just like Heinz. My favourite beans are Aldi, but I also like Branston Beans so I thought I’d treat myself as they were on offer.

  2. Yum, I love beef stew and it is certainly stew and slow cooker meal season! I tend to shop like you, if it is on offer it goes in! Thank you for sharing with #MealPlanningMonday and I hope to see you back nextt week.x

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