Stoptober Week Three

photo (2) (600x481)It is 23rd October and I’m now three (long) weeks in to my Stoptober journey. I’ve not smoked since 12th October and I’m fiercely rubbing my nicotine patch in the hopes a bit more of the good stuff will find its way into my system.

I had hoped by now that my massive cravings would have started to wane. They haven’t really, but I live in hope for next week. I’m so proud of myself though, despite hitting my triggers (stress and boozy nights out) on a number of occasions, the worst thing I’ve done is eat cake. Okay, so the eating cake really must stop, especially as I’ve eaten all the cake. No really, I have.

I am enjoying not being stinky; my yellow fingers are less yellow. I’d like to say there’s more money in my purse, but anything with a picture of the Queen on just tends to magically evaporate.

It’s nice having the support and encouragement of my husband and some of my friends who knew I smoked. I’d deliberately not smoked in front of some people and kept it hidden. It’s a horrible, nasty habit and I was ashamed. Yes, this time I’d only smoked since July so it was easy to hide it but I couldn’t have hidden it forever.

I’m particularly enjoying not having to smoke outside in all weathers. Wrapped up against the elements; struggling to light a fag in a gale, sucking on a damp cig in the famous Manchester rain. I think autumn is a great time to give up; the weather acts as a superb motivation.

I’ve got one last week doing Stoptober and then I’ll be pushing through with No-fags-November and Don’t-start again-December. Before I know it it’ll be Never again-2014, the cravings a distant memory and the smell of smoke an aberration to my nasal passages. It will happen, it will.

So wish me luck, if I can do it anyone can, so what’s stopping you?

Please do follow my journey, I’ll be writing a weekly update on my progress throughout Stoptober. If you want to join me you can find a range of tools and guidance on how to quit smoking during Stoptober and beyond here.

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