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Ugh, I hate forced positivity about as much as I like making awkward small talk with strangers at weddings; so when I saw that Facebook positivity meme doing the rounds I kept my head down and prayed no one would tag me, but they did *sad face* and now I hate my life and all of my friends.

The premise is that some evil relentlessly cheerful person tags you in their post, and for the following five days you have to come up with three positive things and tag three poor unsuspecting people to do the same. This automatically ensures that each day you make three fresh Facebook frenemies. What joy. What endless, positive joy.

Here’s the record of my forced positivity, there was some significant barrel scraping at times, but I thought it would be interesting to keep a record of my thoughts and the reaction I got to each post. I may put together some pie charts and Venn diagrams to illustrate the results. Or not. I mean who has the time?

Day One
1. Told my husband just what he means to me today.
2. My son is making dry-nights progress.
3. Meeting a lovely friend for lunch & a catch up.

Response: Four likes and a small whinge from one of the poor buggers I’ve tagged.

Day Two
1. Had a lovely afternoon with some good friends.
2. Found out my blog is ranked 155 on Tots100
3. I heard that rarest of phrases… “I’m proud of you”

Response: Five likes and a good natured “why me?” from someone who will curse my birth within 48 hours.

Day Three
1. I’ve had a lovely day with the small boy, despite the plethora of bowel movements.
2. Hubs is ace and he makes me laugh pretty much every day.
3. I’m busy work wise, which is nice.

Response: Three likes, one “I’m pregnant so I can’t do it” and one flip this shizzle I’m at the end of my tether.

Day Four
1. Had a chilled day with the boys
2. I enjoyed watching the storms last night
3. Visited my mum & my dad, which means I’m a half decent daughter for once.

Response: Two likes and one person asking to be tagged the following day. People like this worry me, they really do.

Day Five
1. Greedy day out at the foodies festival, great fun with the boys.
2. Had a delicious and rare afternoon nap in anticipation of a loooong night ahead.
3. I’m loving the small boy to bits right now, love our proper conversations and he’s really funny and affectionate.

Response: Five likes and a “god damn you to hell for tagging me”.

Conclusion: Facebook memes were fun like five years ago, now they’re just dull. Put your bra colour as your status, but don’t say it’s your bra just to confuse the boys. Really? No thanks, is this the most fun thing you could think of?

Whilst I think the hellishly annoying Facebook Positivity Meme was started with all good intentions, I pretty much hated doing it, it was a chore and it annoyed me that I had to publish it publicly, if it’d been private I might have been more honest and less Facebook “isn’t life just peachy” about it.

From the responses I got, and from seeing other peoples positives each day, I think the meme is loved and loathed in equal measure. Me, I’m falling down firmly on the side of loathing it. So whatever you do, don’t tag me again. That would not elicit a positive response from me.

6 thoughts on “That Facebook Positivity Meme

  1. I loathe all the “share positive” “100 happy days”
    Shizzle that’s doing the rounds. I’m so bah humbug about it, I posted a Facebook post stating NOT to tag me, in any of those posts. So far, so good! I have lots of good stuff in my life, but I don’t feel compelled to ram it down people’s throats on FB!

  2. Oh good, not just me then!
    I find it interesting how people justify it and cite pseudo-science to support the idea that being positive has a beneficial effect on the health. If you have come across Barbara Ehrenreich’s Smile or Die, the evidence is actually quite thin and carefully interepreted.
    I’ve been considering putting as my status, “Today I am grateful that no one has insisted I list things I am grateful for.”
    It’s all well and good, and I am grateful for a lot of things. But I refuse to be relentlessly cheerful and positive just to conform. Being unhappy is not a sin.

  3. Hahaha I never did mine! in fact i think i was the small whinger after day 1. Well done for completing it though – there is something really, erm, positive stuff in there haha…

  4. ha ha! i havent been tagged and tbh before i read this wondered what the eff it was all about!!! ps was the final comment of “god damn you to hell for tagging me” from the person who requested the tag…i find that happens a lot when i see stuff like this!!!

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