Planting Seeds – Gardening with kids

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A little while ago I wrote that we’d ordered a shed load (literally) of gardening bits and pieces and that this year we were going to grow our own with the help of our own miniature Percy Thrower, Benjamin. We think gardening with kids is really important; it’s a great family activity and it helps them learn so much.

Last weekend when the sun shone we ventured outside to get cracking. He was helping to plant our courgette and pumpkin seeds. It’s a nice, simple job he can easily get involved with and the seeds are just the right size for little fingers to plant, and not too fiddly. gardening with kids He helped fill the little pots with compost, then we showed him how to poke and wiggle his finger in the soil to create a little hole for the seed. Then he dropped each individual seed in and covered it up; he then gave each one a good drink of water and we put the whole tray in our greenhouse and waited for them to grow.

As you can see from the photographs he really enjoyed helping Mummy and Daddy out in the garden. He’s been brilliantly helpful and watered his seeds, and now seedlings every night before bed.

Courgettes and pumpkins aren’t the only things growing in our garden, we’ve got tomatoes, potatoes, runner beans, swathes of herbs and some fruit. Alas it has been raining heavily for the last few days and so I can’t take a picture to show you how healthy everything is looking, so you’ll just have to wait for my next instalment of our grow your own adventure, or keep an eye on my instagram account where I’ll be posting some pictures when I get the chance.

I can’t wait to taste the fruits (and vegetables) of our labours.

5 thoughts on “Planting Seeds – Gardening with kids

  1. Gardening is such a rewarding activity for little ones, isn’t it? To know that they’ve helped life to grow, nurture it and then reap their rewards is wonderful. He certainly looks very proud.

    Nipping over from Country Kids.

  2. What a cute little gardener and how great to grow your own – garden to table, the best. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Such a great way to spend time together. I’m hoping to do this with baby M once he’s a bit bigger #countrykids

  4. My son is not yet into gardening as when im tinkering with our potted plants he would just wander around me and play. But soon i know he will like it too like your son. So amazing to see kids so into gardening =) #CountryKids

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