Recipe: Salted Peanut and Caramel Cookies

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For a number of years now salted caramel flavoured everything has been all the rage. I love salted caramel, probably a little too much. I’m a little bit afraid of attempting to make my own caramel from scratch, but I came up with a bit of a cheat and made these seriously delicious salted peanut and caramel cookies. Yes you read that correctly, the peanuts are salted but the caramel isn’t, but they’re probably my favourite cookie at the moment.

Recipe: Salted Peanut and Caramel Cookies

In this recipe I used Werther’s Original Creamy Toffees for the caramel in the cookies. I wanted a soft caramel toffee and these were what were in my local shop. I chopped each toffee up into eight little pieces. Once baked inside the cookie, the caramels either go soft and squidgy or the ones on the outside of the cookie go crunchy. I love the difference in textures the caramel makes in these salted peanut and caramel cookies.

Salted Peanut and Caramel Cookies

Ingredients (makes 15 cookies)
125g butter, softened
100g soft brown sugar
125g caster sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
50g salted peanuts, chopped
50g Werther’s Original Creamy Toffees, chopped
225g self-raising flour

Recipe: Salted Peanut and Caramel Cookies

Preheat your oven to 180°C.

In a large bowl cream your butter and the two sugars. Once they are well combined, add the egg, chopped peanuts and chopped up pieces of toffee. Tip in the flour and keep mixing until it forms your cookie dough.

Take a baking sheet and either grease the sheet well or cover with a piece of baking parchment (I used baking parchment). Using a set of scales, take the dough and weigh into 40g balls, this helps ensure all your cookies are the same size.

Place the dough balls on the baking sheet making sure there is room for them to spread out. You might need to use two or more baking sheets. Squash each dough ball down a little with the back of a fork.

Bake the cookies in your pre-heated oven for 10 minutes until they’re just turning golden round the edges. Remove from the oven and leave them on the baking sheet to firm up for a few minutes before putting them on a wire cooling rack.

Recipe: Salted Peanut and Caramel Cookies

It’s traditional to have milk with your cookies, but these are really good with a cup of really good coffee.

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Recipe: Salted Peanut and Caramel Cookies

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  1. …and I thought I was in heaven with the mini egg cookies. Boyyyy, was I wrong – these guys just took the top slot.

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