Review: Shaun the Sheep Hottie

Despite it being March, there’s still a frosty chill in the air and the small boy has been taking a hot water bottle to bed for a few months now. The hot water bottle has been fine, but I do worry slightly about it leaking in the night or leaking while it’s hot, we never put boiling water in for that reason. With the Shaun the Sheep film hitting the cinemas, we were sent a Shaun the Sheep hottie from Qwerkity to try out.

Shaun the Sheep

The Shaun the Sheep hottie is filled with lavender and millet seeds, you pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and you’ve got a warm, snuggly Shaun to keep you company at night. I have something similar which I use for my neck but it lacks the appeal of Shaun the Sheep.

The Shaun the Sheep hottie is good size, he measures 40cm from nose to tail and has long gangly legs which caused some amusement. He is a good replica of the real Shaun the Sheep and was instantly recognised as our woolly hero.

Only his body is filled with the heatable millet and lavender, which is firm but mould-able and quite cuddly. The lavender scent (which I imagine will diminish over time) is at a pleasant level. I love lavender and I do find it very soothing. As does the small boy who seemed to drift off to sleep quicker when he was cuddling the lavender scented Shaun.

Shaun the Sheep

Do we love Shaun? Yes, he’s a cutie, I am slightly jealous that the boy has him and not me, though I think he’d be nice for me to use during the day while I’m working. Apparently if you fancy the set there’s a Gromit hottie too.

The Shaun the Sheep hottie costs £15.99 from Qwerkity, he’s really quite big and well made, so I think that’s pretty good value for money (tempted to call it a baa-gain, sorry). I’m delighted with him and I think the small boy is too (see the pictures above), I’m happy that my little lamb will be warm and happy snuggling up with Shaun.

Note: We were sent this item by Qwerkity, the online shop for presents for boys and girls. All images and opinions are our own.

6 responses to “Review: Shaun the Sheep Hottie

  1. That looks lovely and something that would work for girls too #triedtested

  2. My little girl has the Grommit one and she loves it too. And yes, I love that it smells like lavender 😉 T will also loves Shaun the sheep, so I’m sure she will love this too 🙂 #TriedTested.

  3. I love my hottie (like yours it is rather lacking in sheep appeal and is actually just tartan but still . . . )
    They are so much safer that the old hot water bottles (which I’m nervous of filling myself nevermind giving to the kids)
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested as ever x

  4. This is a lovely idea, I think I would quite like this myself!


  5. That sounds fantastic! What a great idea x

  6. LOVE it! Bella and I took Elsie to see Shaun the sheep the movie and I have a feeling she would be a huge fan of this!! x x

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