My Sunday Photo 22.5.16

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Last weekend the boys went off to their first football match together. They were off to watch Manchester United play Bournmouth at Old Trafford. They hopped on the tram full of excitement and I went home and pottered about in the kitchen, listening to the build up to the match on the radio.

Unfortunately their afternoon didn’t go to plan and the stadium had to be evacuated. 

I listened to the updates on the evacuation and sent a text to my husband which he didn’t answer for an age. I was worried sick, but thankfully the evacuation was handled incredibly well and everyone was safe. They came home on the tram and we made the best of the afternoon. 


This is the pair of them just as they were leaving for the match. They’ll try again next season. Fingers crossed. We’re all just glad the evacuation was handled so well, no one was hurt and that thankfully no one was really in any danger after all.

11 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 22.5.16

  1. Such a shame, but it was a credit to everyone involved that the evacuation was so smooth and free of incident. I had a friend of a friend who was over from the US for what would have been his first live football game. He did the stadium tour on the Saturday but was gutted to miss the game and had to be in London for when it was eventually rescheduled so he missed out completely.

  2. How disappointing! What bad luck that was their first football match together. Glad it was all handled so well. I love in a house full of Man Utd supporters. They go to two or three games a season.

  3. Awww… how lovely – Daddy and son time. Looks like they were really excited. Sorry it didn’t go to plan. #MySundayPhoto

  4. Love that hug.

    We had a lot of friends who were disappointed (we live in Bournemouth) and two brothers from school where I work were mysteriously absent on Tuesday …

    It was handled really well wasn’t it.

    Hope they have better luck next time.

  5. Gosh, that must’ve been a bit terrifying for you listening to the events of the day from afar but the evacuation seemed to be handled well and without incident, which has to be applauded.
    shame they missed the match-maybe next year xx

  6. I have seen this in the news. Scary and I can only imagine how scared you were.

  7. Oh my goodness, what an absolute nightmare for you, the thought of knowing that something was going on and not get in touch is just horrible. I’m so glad they were ok.

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