My Sunday Photo 10.7.16 – Fizz!

What a week. It’s definitely been 7 days I’ll remember forever. A week of frantic funeral arrangements and sadness, which ended with me spending a day baking solidly for an afternoon tea party which was held on Saturday.

A celebration I wasn’t really in the mood to celebrate. I went, I smiled, I circulated and then I came home and crawled back into myself. 

After the funeral on Thursday I met some friends in the pub, shared a bottle of very acceptable prosecco with them and raised a glass to my dad. Prosecco is the celebratory drink of choice round these parts and I really wanted to raise a glass to him. 

At the afternoon tea party there was also prosecco aplenty, I caught this snap of a tray of drinks being poured for the guests. A bottle of birthday fizz. 


Everything seems a bit of a jumble right now. I’m so tired but I’m forging on as best I can. Life goes on apparently. 

11 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 10.7.16 – Fizz!

  1. It does. The choice is to lie down and give up or carry on. So we carry on, and your Dad would want nothing else. I’m glad you have so many friends and family around you – let them shoulder you awhile xx

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I hope the funeral went as well as one can. Prosecco is definitely a good choice – turns it into a celebration of life. #MySundayPhoto

  3. So sorry to hear about your dad. Prosecco sounds like a good choice of drink for raising a glass to him x

  4. So sorry for your loss, a friend of our lost his mum last week too so I an only imagine the kind of week you’ve had. A perfect photo in memory of a bubbly life x #MySundayPhoto

  5. im sorry about your dad flower and hope as the days go by the pain will ease a little and your heart isnt hurting as much.having a get together with friends is a great remedy when feeling down.hugs to you and your lovely family flower pot ,hugs from allison

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