My Sunday Photo 10.7.16 – Fizz!

What a week. It’s definitely been 7 days I’ll remember forever. A week of frantic funeral arrangements and sadness, which ended with me spending a day baking solidly for an afternoon tea party which was held on Saturday.

A celebration I wasn’t really in the mood to celebrate. I went, I smiled, I circulated and then I came home and crawled back into myself. 

After the funeral on Thursday I met some friends in the pub, shared a bottle of very acceptable prosecco with them and raised a glass to my dad. Prosecco is the celebratory drink of choice round these parts and I really wanted to raise a glass to him. 

At the afternoon tea party there was also prosecco aplenty, I caught this snap of a tray of drinks being poured for the guests. A bottle of birthday fizz. 


Everything seems a bit of a jumble right now. I’m so tired but I’m forging on as best I can. Life goes on apparently.