My Sunday Photo 1.5.16

Yesterday we went to A Day At The Lake at Rudyard Lake in Staffordshire. Despite the rain we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The festival was a delight, full of everything you’d expect from Wild Rumpus (who also organise the Just So Festival and The Lost Carnival). The day was full of magic and wonder; mermaids, marching bands, Victorian Jugglers in their bathing suits, circus sideshows, a fabulous storyteller, a helter skelter and an amazing tightrope walker who walks across a high-wire stretched precariously over the lake!

The small boy came home with a head full of imagination (more so than usual) and it’s really got us in the mood for Just So this summer. If you’re at a loose end this Bank Holiday weekend, then A Day At The Lake is well worth a visit! You can read my full review here.

I took lots of pictures of the day and I have a few favourites, but I love this one of the rowing boats. Hope you like it too.

Rudyard Lake

22 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 1.5.16

  1. It looks a lovely place to spend a few hours. The photo is great, although I have a few of boats lol x

  2. I love your photo! I’m going to have to check out your review now because it sounds like a great place my kids would enjoy.

  3. Ooh I want to go messing about on the lake now after looking at your photo. I say messing because my hubby isn’t a rower… something about a dominant left arm makes us go around in circles! Not ideal really!

  4. Yes, this is a very good shot. Captures spring’s arrival and the anticipation of summer very well.

  5. You know I first looked at this and thought Oxford or Cambridge? So thank you for enlightening me and making me want to go to the Just So Festival. #MySundayPhoto

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