Pizza Night with Papa John’s Pizza

About once a month we have a family pizza night, when we can’t be bothered to cook a home cooked meal we order in pizza. With the football currently dominating every waking hour for the boys, we decided to fuel up on take out pizza and phoned Papa John’s. 

We’ve never had Papa John’s pizza before, but I’d heard good things about it. It’s my brother’s favourite pizza emporium, so we knew it would be good.

pizza 2

For the boys I ordered the new BBQ Beef Brisket pizza – chunks of burnt ends sliced from slow smoked beef brisket, with crispy onions and bacon, and drizzled with a sweet cola BBQ sauce.

I went for the veggie “Garden Party” made with red onions, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn and mushrooms.

Papa John's

Our pizzas arrived still hot and smelling delicious. I had extreme pizza envy when I saw the BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza. I have a soft spot for anything with BBQ sauce, I did dip my finger in and have a taste and it was sweet and gently spicy. I reckon Papa John’s should sell bottles of their BBQ sauce. 

I really liked the look of my Garden Party pizza. It has a very generous topping of vegetables and even the slightly veg-phobic boy tucked in happily. I am a bit fussy when it comes to pizza. I don’t like my base to be too doughy, too oily or too boring. The Papa John’s pizza bases were light and not at all oily, we were all very pleasantly surprised at how good they were. 

Papa John's

The Papa John’s pizzas came with a little pot of garlic dip. We weren’t especially keen on these, but the BBQ Beef Brisket pizza was saucy enough without it and didn’t need it. It’s good to try new things and Papa John’s was new to us. We’ve had a referendum, taken a vote and our next pizza night will be a Papa John’s pizza night.

Visit to try the new BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza for yourself.

Note: We were sent the Papa John’s pizzas for review purposes.