Five brand name bargains from Approved Food

Last week I ordered a giant box of food from Approved Food – the online discount food retailer who sell food near or slightly past their best before date. I bagged some tremendous brand name bargains, spending just £38.32 including delivery on a shop which would have cost me £93.67 in a supermarket, saving me a whopping £55.35!

Approved Food sell short dated food that brands and supermarkets won’t be able to sell in time, so their stock varies from day to day. What you find on their website today might not be available tomorrow, so it pays to be flexible about brand names and what you want to buy. 

Just to give you a flavour of some of the brilliant bargains I discovered on my last Approved Food shop, I’ve picked out five of the best bargains from my latest order (delivered on 23rd June 2017).

Five brand name bargains from Approved Food

1p Box of Maltesers

This was the bargain of the day, Approved Food usually highlight great bargains on their front page and it was impossible not to slip a 1p box of Maltesers into my shopping basket. The usual price for this box would be £2 in your local supermarket, so this was a massive saving and a nice treat for me.

10 Cans of Pepsi Light for £2

I’m a Diet Coke girl, but I do love a bargain. 10 cans of Pepsi Light for £2 was too good a price to pass up. These full sized cans would have cost me £6 anywhere else, but now they’re chilling in my fridge and I’m happy to give my usual brand a swerve to take advantage of this good price.

Seeds of Change Pasta Sauce, 2 for £1.50

I don’t normally buy jars of pasta sauce, but it’s sometimes nice to have a couple in the cupboard for a no fuss meal in a hurry. These Seeds of Change organic tomato and basil pasta sauces should have cost me £3.44, but were available for £1.50 for two. 

Knorr Vegetable Stock Cubes, 2 packs for £1

Stock cubes are a store cupboard essential for me. I cook from scratch a lot and go through packets and packets of stock cubes, so these bargain brand named stock cubes were a no brainer. Two packets for £1 when they should be £1.50 per packet make these a brilliant bargain.

Hellmanns Light Mayonnaise, 2 for £1.50

Mayonnaise is the favoured sauce in our house, so we go through quite a lot of it. We also tend to be a bit brand name fussy when it comes to mayo, so when I spotted Hellmanns Light Mayonnaise (432g) at 2 for £1.50 they went straight in my basket. Full price they would have cost me £3, so that’s a great saving for us.

Birds Instant Custard, 3 for 99p

I always like to have a few packets of instant custard in the cupboard for cake and custard emergencies (or which we have many). These Birds low fat instant custard packets would have cost £2.04 in a supermarket, but we’ve saved £1.05 and we’re stocked up ready for our next dessert emergency.

Five brand name bargains from Approved Food

Every time you shop at Approved Food you find new and different bargains including brand names and supermarket own brands. I’ve been on their website this morning and they’re got lots of new products at incredibly tempting prices. Plus they’ve got discount codes for delivery which makes it very hard to resist placing another order.

What’s the best brand name bargain you’ve had from Approved Food?

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