Review: Finding Dory Bedding from Character World

This summer, one of the big kids movie hits was Finding Dory. We’ve had a lot of chatter and excitement in our house about this forgetful fish since the film was released. Imagine his little face when I handed him some Finding Dory Bedding from Character World! 

Back when I was a child there was no such thing as character bedding. My bedding was plain and fairly unexciting. Now I really love character bedding and I really enjoying picking out new sets for my son. I always think that new bedding is a quick and fairly inexpensive way to give a bedroom a fresh look. 

This new Finding Dory Bedding really works well with my son’s bedroom. We painted it last year with a dark blue feature wall which we stuck glow in the dark stars on. The blue works with most things and this aquatic themed bedding is no exception.

Finding Dory Bedding

The Finding Dory Bedding is brightly coloured and good quality, the bedding feels soft, not stiff like some bedding can be when you first take it out of the packet and it is made from 100% polycotton. This bedding is also reversible so you are able to choose one of two designs to have as your bedding, which the small boy loves.

One side has got a picture of the Finding Dory characters and is mainly a blue colour. The other side of the cover is a white background with different coloured fish. I’d actually have the shoal of fish side as my bedding. It’s colourful and fun.

The pillowcase has “Making a Splash” written on it and it works with both sides of the bedding.

The boy couldn’t wait for us to make his bed up with the new bedding and got into bed as soon as he could so he could enjoy it. I was delighted with this accidental side-effect – an early night!

In addition to the Finding Dory Duvet Set, we were sent a Finding Dory Hooded Towel (which is perfect for round the swimming pool on holiday) and a lovely Finding Dory cushion to go on his bed with him.

Finding Dory Bedding

The Finding Dory bedding from Character World has been a big hit. I’ll be looking out for other character bedding from them, because the quality and colours are excellent and it washes really well. You can’t really go wrong.


Disclosure: We received the Finding Dory bedding for the purposes of writing this review, all opinions and images are our own. Contains Amazon affiliate links.

Gro To Bed – keeping the small boy cosy at night

The small boy is not quite so small any more, in fact he’s now five years old and growing fast. It was a sad day when we packed his cot away and put him in a single bed, at the time he seemed far too tiny for it, but he’s grown a fair bit since. Earlier this year I remember one of my friends telling me about “Gro To Bed”, she’d got one for her daughter and it really helped her settle at night. It sounded like a useful thing to have, so when I was offered the chance to try “Gro To Bed” for myself I couldn’t say no.

gro to bed

Gro To Bed from Gro is an all–in–one duvet cover, bottom sheet and pillow case set, which has been designed with zips to keep the duvet in place and help to stop little ones from falling out of bed. It is essentially a fitted sheet with the pillow attached to it, and the duvet is zipped on so your child sleeps in a huge sleeping bag kind of thing. The duvet can be fully detached if you’d like too.

gro to bed

When the boy grew out of all of his baby sleeping bags he did have a problem with his bedding slipping off in the night so he was cold, and he did fall out of bed a few times, both of which are quite common for lots of children. The Gro To Bed bedding sets are designed to help with both of those problems. They come in a range of nice, bright designs. We chose the Alfred & The Aliens Gro To Bed set which is a white fitted sheet with colourful and cheerful aliens on the pillow and duvet.

gro to bed

It was pretty easy to make up the bed and zip the duvet and pillow into place. The small boy took one look and couldn’t wait to get into bed. He climbed in under the covers and was at first a bit puzzled as to why the duvet was zipped to the sheet, but once we’d explained it to him he snuggled down and got comfy. He has a particularly chilly bedroom so I was pleased that his covers wouldn’t slip in the night and he’d stay warm.

He had a good nights sleep, the covers weren’t so tight so he couldn’t climb out, but they were fixed enough to ensure a cosy nights sleep. I was impressed and quietly kicked myself for not knowing about this when we first moved from gro-bag in the cot to a single bed. 

gro to bed

The Gro To Bed sets are made from 100% cotton and seem to be good quality, with no loose stitching. The bedding is all machine washable and designed to fit single beds. They are a little bit more expensive than your bog standard bedding set, but not by much, and I think the benefits of knowing that my child is warm and cosy at night and that he won’t fall out of bed with a thump makes the extra few pounds worth it. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before they make these in adult sizes, who do I need to write to about that?

gro to bed

Note: We were sent the Alfred & The Aliens Gro To Bed set free of charge for review purposes, all images and opinions are our own.