Toy Review: New Eldrador Creatures from Schleich

AD/Gifted. My son is blessed with a brilliant imagination. He creates whole new worlds with a pencil and a piece of paper and the stories he writes are real flights of fancy. This week his imagination has been fuelled by the new Eldrador Creatures range from Schleich.

Eldrador Creatures are new fantastical creatures who come from the worlds of lava, ice, stone and water. Aimed at 7-12 year olds, these creatures are great for collecting or for playing Dungeons and Dragons style games with. My son has been busy duelling with the Eldrador Creatures for the last few days and he loves them.

Toy Review: New Eldrador Creatures from Schleich

Schleich are one of the leading makers of figurines and are one of the most well-known brands around. Schleich figurines are designed with great attention to detail and are painted and finished by hand. This means they’re not cheap, but they do last.

We were sent four of the seventeen creatures in the collection; the Armoured Turtle (£14.99), Battle Crab (£14.99), Fire Bull (£9.99) and the Ice Spider (£9.99).

Toy Review: New Eldrador Creatures from Schleich

The Armoured Turtle defends the stone world. His opponents think that he is slow, old and cumbersome. But he suddenly spins on his own axis at lightning speed and crashes his massive double club at its enemies. The turtle is beautifully detailed and characterful and a real favourite.

Defending the water world, the Battle Crab is a fighting crab with a slashing claw like weapon. He has a completely turnable upper body. On his six legs, this grim sea-dweller can move lightning fast and catch up with even nimble opponents super quickly.

The fire bull impales his opponents on his pointed glowing horns. The fire bull has a tail of flame, and a single hit will knock out even the most stubborn attacker. Lastly, the Ice Spider has eight eyes so she can keep an eye on several opponents at the same time and fend them off with her fearsome frozen spiders legs.

Toy Review: New Eldrador Creatures from Schleich

What did we think of the new Eldrador Creatures from Schleich? In short, the boy loved them. They’re ideal for people who like fantasy figures and they’re great for fantasy play. They’re well made, with great attention to detail and the movable parts on the turtle and crab make them extra fun to play fight with.

Eldrador Creatures have opened up a whole new world of imaginative play for my son. He’s already asked for all of the other figures in the range for his birthday, which is a sure sign of appreciation.

The Eldrador Creatures range is available from a wide range of retailers including Smyths Toys.

Disclosure: We were sent these Eldrador Creatures for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.