Review: Nick Baker’s Snail World by Interplay

We were sent the Interplay Nick Baker’s Snail World kit for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

We had our first proper parents evening last week. We weren’t really sure what kind of report the small boy would get, but it was all very positive. He’s settled in well, he’s made good friends, he’s interested in the world around him. We were both really pleased with his progress this term. We only really want him to be happy, to keep up with his peers and to not be naughty; all of which seem to be the case. As a reward for his good report we gave him a little (and secretly educational) present – Nick Baker’s Snail World by Interplay.

Snail World is a lovely little kit. It contains a clear tank with lid, tweezers, a magnifying glass, a pipette and an information booklet all about snails and how to look after the snails you collect for your tank.

snail world

We followed the instructions and set about finding moss and suitable leaves for the tank. We then began the snail search began, looking under flowerpots, in dark corners and under piles of leaves. The small boy was really excited to go on a snail hunt; thankfully it had been a rainy day so there were snails lurking in the garden. We found two tiny snails and two medium sized snails. We put them in the tank, fixed the lid on securely and settled them into their new home in our cool kitchen.

snail world

The small boy really loved looking for the snails and using the tweezers to gently pick them up and put them in the tank. We used the magnifying glass to look at the snails more closely; and whilst we were outside we also spotted a spider in its web so we had a good look at that too. The magnifying glass is great for looking at other insects and it’s helped to develop his interest in entomology, which is no bad thing.

The kit comes with an information booklet; it’s really important that you read the booklet carefully before you collect your snails. It contains information about washing your hands and how to use the magnifying glass safely and so forth. The booklet also covers the different kinds of snail you may encounter; plus all about their biology, caring for your mollusc as well as lots of facts about snails. It’s a well put together booklet, informative but accessible.

There are quite a few different kits in this range; including ant, triop, worm, ladybird, spider and butterfly. So if snails aren’t for you then there’s probably something else more to your taste.

The small boy has enjoyed caring for his new snails; feeding them leaves and bits of cucumber, and dropping water into the tank every so often. Things like this are interesting for him to do and have a number of stealth educational benefits for him, and even I’ve learned a thing or two about our garden snails.