Horrible Histories – Incredible Invaders Tour

Fans of Horrible Histories will not be disappointed by the stage version of the hit TV series – Incredible Invaders. Billed as “family entertainment with the nasty bits left in” they’re not wrong.

The touring theatre production from The Birmingham Stage Company has two shows to choose from  – Groovy Greeks and Incredible Invaders. We grabbed a family ticket to see Incredible Invaders and enjoyed a whistle-stop tour of 1,000 years of British history, complete with songs, dance routines and a lot of laughs.

From the Celts fighting back against the Ruthless Romans, to invasions from Savage Saxons, Vicious Vikings and No Nonsense Normans, Britain has a proud and glorious history of being invaded.

Incredible Invaders includes the usual Horrible Histories pastiche of TV series such as Grand Designs, Come Dine With Me and Great British Bake Off to name just a few. The fast paced production featuring historical heroes including Caratacus, Boadicea and King Alfred, as well as the Battle of Hastings, the building of Hadrian’s Wall and a 3D invasion of the Vikings.

Just like the TV series, it’s fast, it’s funny and it’s factual. Horrible Histories doesn’t skip over the less palatable bits of history, so there is a bit of gore and a few scares which makes this unsuitable for younger children. The second half comes in 3D (you can get a set of glasses during the interval) and the whole audience shrieks together as blood splatters, seagull poo, hissing snakes and rabid dogs all leap out towards you. If it gets too much you can always take your glasses off.

Horrible Histories is a show which adults and children can truly enjoy together, we all left feeling like we’d had a really fun evening and learned a little something about our horrible history. 1,000 years of history condensed into just 100 minutes of entertainment – amazing.

Incredible Invaders

Horrible Histories – Incredible Invaders is on tour throughout the UK. For tickets and information visit  the Birmingham Stage Company website.