New Year, New Look for my husband from Jacamo

2017 saw some changes for my husband. He picked up an arm injury and had to give up the gym and his beloved kettlebells and so instead, he took up running and has started to become competitive with himself. He’s signed up to do a few 10k races, and knowing him, he will be doing half marathons before we know it. A change in his physical activity levels means he’s feeling good about himself again, and that alone deserves a new outfit. We took a look at what men’s fashion experts Jacamo had to offer.

New Year, New Look for my husband from Jacamo

Before we became parents he was a dedicated follower of fashion. He had a thing for Ben Sherman shirts and good blue jeans, a look he was keen to revisit. He chose this short sleeved check shirt from Ben Sherman. It’s made from navy and green checked cotton with a buttoned down collar. It cost £50 which is about average for a Ben Sherman shirt and I think it’s reignited his love for the brand (which will make buying birthday presents easier this year).

As it’s winter, he needs a nice warm jumper to keep him cosy. I picked out this twist texture knit by Label J (£20.35) in charcoal. It’s a great addition to his wardrobe and can be dressed up or down. It looks good over his new shirt and is great with jeans. It’s really comfortable and I’m slightly regretting only getting one jumper now. He will wear this to death over winter.

New Year, New Look for my husband from Jacamo

No new outfit is complete without a new pair of jeans. I do love him in dark jeans, I think they look so much smarter. These Delta tapered jeans from Union Blues have a little bit of stretch in them, making them a little bit more forgiving than jeans usually are. The jeans also come with a leather belt, a really good range of sizes (and half sizes) and are just £25 a pair. He’s pleased as punch with them and they look brilliant with his nice Jacamo boots.

New Year, New Look for my husband from Jacamo

It’s so nice to see him in new clothes and feeling good about what he’s wearing. The range of sizes which Jacamo stock, means that he can find jeans which actually fit him well without having to spend a fortune. He’s delighted with his new outfit for the New Year. What do you think?

New Year, New Look for my husband from Jacamo

Check out the new season of men’s fashion on the Jacamo website.

Note: I was sent these items from Jacamo for review purposes. All images and opinions are my own.

New Autumn Boots from Jacamo

The adorable Hodge, aka The Husband spends his days in work boots and his evenings and weekends in trainers. I love it when he puts the effort in and dresses up a little bit when we go out, it’s nice seeing him look smart, for somehow he miraculously becomes extra good looking. This week he’s been trying out a pair of slouchy desert boots from Jacamo.

The slouchy desert boot is a classic but fashionably attractive design. We ordered the lovely deep chocolate colour boot, though it’s also available in stone, which is a paler brown boot. It’s made from suede and the sole is sturdy but not too thick. They look brilliant with jeans worn on a casual night out and I think they are a nice looking autumn boot.

I asked Hodge to put it to the man test. He walked to the pub and back wearing them. Did they rub? No, they were comfortable, he has one foot slightly wider than the other which means sometimes one shoe rubs or the other shoe is virtually falling off, but he informed me that these were comfortable and fine to wear.

He stood at the bar for an hour or so, were they kind to his feet? He said they didn’t make his feet hurt and he was comfortable standing in them.

I can already tell that Hodge will wear these to death, he’s pretty fussy about his footwear so I’m pleased he’s found something which suits him, looks smart and isn’t a pair of trainers.

Well, I think that’s quite enough from me, here’s what Hodge had to say about his fancy new Jacamo boots…

“The boots were very comfy and it was nice to be wearing something which smart yet casual looking and which, I think will go with the vast majority of jeans. Due to my different sized feet, it can be quite difficult to find footwear which keeps both feet happy, but after wearing the desert boots for a couple of hours, neither foot was putting in any complaints. I’m very much looking forward to wearing them again”.

Jacamo boots

Note: We were sent these Jacamo boots free of charge for review purposes, all images and opinions are our own.