Review: Kidsaw Pirate Treasure Chest Toy Box

Over Christmas we managed to accumulate rather a large quantity of toys and our little shipmate needed somewhere to tidy them away in once he’d finished playing with them. He’s got a lot of pirate themed toys, so when asked, he said he wanted a Pirate Treasure Chest Toy Box for his room. 

Thankfully, Father Christmas belatedly sent us a Kidsaw Pirate Treasure Chest Toy Box from Kiddies Kingdom. Kiddies Kingdom is the UK’s number 1 online retail in baby and kids accessories.

Review: Kidsaw Pirate Treasure Chest Toy Box

The Pirate Treasure Chest Toy Box is currently available for £46.99 and has a unique self assembly, slot together design. It measures 39cm x 39cm x 59cm and is made from sturdy MDF, and as it’s all slotted together there are no sharp screws or nails to catch yourself on. 

The toy box takes just a couple of minutes to slot together. The result is a very sturdy box which is big enough to carry all the pirate booty you can plunder, or quite a lot of toys, whichever. 

I really like the look of the treasure chest, it’s cartoony and fun but not over the top. The finish is smooth and there are no rough bits you can catch your fingers on or get splinters from. 

The Pirate Treasure Chest Toy Box is painted brown with gold detailing. There is no lid on the toy box, so it’s easy to just throw things in there and there’s no risk of a falling lid and squashed fingers. It holds a lot of toys, it’s actually a lot bigger than I imagined it to be, but it fits perfectly in the corner of his room.

Review: Kidsaw Pirate Treasure Chest Toy Box

I think at a fraction under £47 it is good value for money and feels like it will last for years. I’m very pleased with the Pirate Treasure Chest Toy Box, as is the small boy who has decided to use it as a dressing up box, which is mainly filled with (you guessed it) pirate costumes!

A toy box is pretty much as essential if you have children and their toys in the house with you. Finding one which fits with the scheme of their bedroom or playroom can be a nice touch. This pirate themed toy box from Kiddies Kingdom is part of a wider range of pirate themed furniture. 

This easy to put together and sturdy toy box is a great addition and we are delighted with it.

Review: Kidsaw Pirate Treasure Chest Toy Box

We were sent the toy box for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.