Death Row Dinners: What would my last meal be?

Last week I had the enviable pleasure of being taken to dinner at Simon Rogan’s new Manchester restaurant, Mr Coopers House & Garden. The meal was exquisite, one of the best I’ve ever had. Pre-baby I dined finely quite a lot, and this was very fine indeed.

It got me thinking about my favourite food, what I’d order off the “anything in the world you fancy for your last meal” menu. We’ve all played this game, what would you choose as your last meal on this earth? Would it be lobster and champagne or an amazing burger, or perhaps your favourite takeaway?

As for me, I’ve realised I’m a girl with simple tastes. After all simple tastes are often the best.

Death Row Dinners: What would my last meal be?

My favourite meal of all time is freshly picked tomatoes, cooked gently in a dab of butter with salt and pepper. I might sprinkle a few fresh thyme leaves over if I was feeling fancy. Pour the soft, wilting, sweet tomatoes onto thick, buttered wholemeal toast and eat.

I love that the toast gets soggy, I love the fresh tomatoey taste. If the tomatoes waft the smell of greenhouse across the plate, all the better. I love everything about tomatoes on toast. What’s not to love? It’s amazing!

Never tinned tomatoes on toast though. Never. Even the thought of that twists my stomach uncomfortably. It may have been something I used to eat a lot at university, mainly because it was quick, easy and cheap. But it’s not a dish I would enjoy, especially after the delights of fresh tomatoes on toast.

Failing that, my plan B last meal would be avocado and poached eggs on toast. Any man who gives me a poached egg immediately  and automatically wins my heart.

See, simple tastes. Though I still wouldn’t say no to a return to Mr Coopers!

What would your last meal be?