Painting Pots at Minikin Emporium

On Sunday we toddled off to Minikin Emporium in Sale, Greater Manchester to meet Katy and Laurence from Frank PR. We were there to find out more about Growing Up Milk Info and to have a go at painting a pot.

Minikin EmporiumWe’re no strangers to Minikin Emporium, we first visited about 2 years ago when the boy was but a baby. We had some hand prints done for grandparent presents and this lovely necklace for me; on the reverse is his little baby fingerprint, I treasure this necklace above anything else.

MinikinWe started off by painting a mug, we had lots of colours to choose from and his creativity knew no bounds. He quickly painted the mug inside an out with swirls and curls in a rainbow of colours. He loved it and wouldn’t stop adding to his artwork.

MinikinSoon it was picnic time and he merrily munched his way through a plate of pitta, hummus, tomatoes and veggie snacks and drank several glasses of pink milk (strawberry milkshake). While we enjoyed our picnic, the lovely Claire who owns Minikin Emporium came rounds and wrote everyone’s names of their mugs.

We had a lovely, healthy, balanced picnic lunch and learned a little about the benefits of growing up milk, and how much growing tots need calcium and Vitamin D.


Minkin is a lovely, relaxed place to hang out and paint a pot, I very much doubt it’s the last time we’ll visit. We can’t wait to see his finished mug once it’s been fired.

Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Frank PR on behalf of Growing Up Milk Info and we have not been financially compensated for this post.