Review: My Brilliant Big Activity Book

I am never more than six metres away from an activity book. As the Mum of a 7 year old, activity books have been an essential part of my life for many years. We always have a stack of them in rotation for when we go out. They’re great if we’re traveling somewhere, or for doing while in the Doctor’s waiting room. They’re in my bag, in the car and there’s a stack of them by the front door ready to grab before we go out. This week the boy has been busy with a new activity book; My Brilliant Big Activity Book from Carlton Kids Books.

My Brilliant Big Activity Book covers a wide range of topics, including dragons, pirates, space and holiday fun! It’s the ultimate activity book to keep kids busy and entertained; full of clever colouring pages, drawing tips and tricks, puzzles and mazes, make-and-do activities and games. From solving mazes, connecting the dots, colouring in pictures or spotting the difference, this book guarantees hours of fun!

Giveaway & Review: My Brilliant Big Activity Book

In short, it’s been the perfect book to keep him entertained over half term. We’ve dipped in and out of it, but he’s solidly worked his way through it this week. He’s designed pizzas, drawn castles, done dot-to-dots and planned a range of gruesome recipes for Halloween.

It’s aimed at children aged 6+ and is bang on the money for my son. It’s really engaging; he can sit and entertain himself with it, or join us for a chat about what he’s doing and what our dream pizza toppings might be. At 176 pages, there are plenty of activities to keep him interested. It’s the kind of activity book you might take on holiday, because there’s so much in there to keep him busy doing a few pages a day for a fortnight.

Giveaway & Review: My Brilliant Big Activity Book

It’s colourful, really well thought out and has pages and pages of engaging content. This book is a winner for me; I hope they bring out a few more activity books like this because I know they will be great additions to our collection.

My Brilliant Big Activity Book by Andrea Pinnington is available now in paperback for £9.99.

Disclosure: We were sent My Brilliant Big Activity Book for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.