Review: Oi Frog Memory Card Game

AD/Gifted. When my son was starting to learn to read, one of the books which really (really, really) got him excited about reading was Oi Frog (swiftly followed by Oi Dog). Oi Frog is the award-winning storybook written by Kes Gray and it has been brought to life in this new and easy to play memory card game; the Oi Frog Memory Card Game.

Although the game is designed for pre-schoolers, improving my son’s memory is something the school have asked us to focus on at home. Memory games are ideal for giving all of our brains a bit of a workout.

Review: Oi Frog Memory Card Game

The Oi Frog Memory Card Game comes in a lovely illustrated tin. There are a number of sheets of cards which you pop out, as well as a card with the rules of the game on. There are 56 picture cards in the set. Each card has an Oi Frog illustration on and there are two of each one; so two frogs, two logs, two puffins and two muffins etc. Each card features the familiar illustrations from Oi Frog from illustrator Jim Field.

The game is incredibly simple to play; turn all the cards picture side down, then take it in turns to find a matching, or rhyming pair. By rhyming pair I mean a frog and a log, or a puffin and a muffin. The person with the most pairs at the end of the game wins. The trick is remembering which cards are where, so you can find a matching or rhyming pair when it’s your turn.

Review: Oi Frog Memory Card Game

The Oi Frog Memory Card Game is ideal for boosting memory skills (for people of all ages); and can help little ones learn about co-operation and taking turns. My son is 8 now and although this game is suitable for ages 3+, we all had a lot of fun playing it. It really flexed my aging memory muscles and we all really enjoyed it. It’s absolutely the kind of game we will play again and again.

The Oi Frog Memory Card Game costs around £10.95 and is available online and in good toy shops.

Disclosure: We were sent an Oi Frog Memory Card Game for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.