Kids Craft: Super Easy Woolly Sheep Pencil Topper

One of my favourite sights in spring is new-born lambs, we often pay our local community farm a visit, just so we can take a turn feeding the orphan lambs. Recently we’ve been doing quite a lot of spring themed crafts, so it felt natural to make something a bit sheepish, so we made this really simple Woolly Sheep Pencil Topper. It’s so cute we might make a herd of them to top all the pencils in our pencil pot.

Kids Craft: Super Simple Woolly Sheep Pencil Topper

Like I said, they really are incredibly simple to make. All you need are a few bits and pieces and no more than ten minutes of your time. If you don’t have a circular cotton wool pad (the type usually used to remove make up) then you could use a circle of plain white card instead. I think the cotton wool makes the woolly sheep pencil topper extra woolly though.

How to make a Woolly Sheep Pencil Topper

You will need:
One circular cotton wool pad
A small piece of black card for the face
Two googly eyes
A pair of scissors
PVA glue
A pencil

Kids Craft: Super Simple Woolly Sheep Pencil Topper

To make your Woolly Sheep Pencil Topper:
Take your cotton wool pad and fold it in half. Cut a slit about a centimetre from the top and another one about a centimetre from the bottom. This is to thread your pencil through.

Take your black card and draw the shape of a sheep’s head on it. Carefully cut it out. Using glue, stick the googly eyes into place, leave to dry if need be.

Using more glue, stick the sheep’s head onto the cotton wool pad body. Again, leave this to dry before threading the pencil through. Your Woolly Sheep Pencil Topper is now complete. Ewe can now use your pencil topper with pride!

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Kids Craft: Super Simple Woolly Sheep Pencil Topper