25 Things About Me

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I was rooting through some old stuff and I found this. I wrote it for something-or-other when I was 32. I’m 37 now and it’s funny to to to see how I’ve changed, or how little I’ve changed over those years. I did a 37 Things for my 37th Birthday post in September which was sort of along these lines. I think it makes for an interesting comparison.

1. I am 32 and still haven’t found a job I enjoy.
2. I like making jam and am quite good at it.
3. I actually do have the best husband in the world.
4. I can’t drive and I’d like to keep it that way.
5. I hardly ever drink but when I do can be quite terrifying.
6. My favourite place in the world is North Devon.
7. My favourite thing in the world is seeing my dog Sam run in big happy circles on Westward Ho! beach.
8. I like fascinating facts such as Westward Ho! is the only place in England to have an exclaimation mark as part of it’s name.
9. I’ve got a snow phobia but I’m getting over it.
10. My keyboard is missing the y key and is soon to lose the b I think.
11. Would like to find a job that didn’t make me puke every winter (God bless the NHS).
12. I hate mobile phones.
13. I have worn Pele’s shirt!
14. I am a published poet (and yes, I do know it).
15. I have a group of incredibly supportive and excellent friends (cheers guys).
16. I like growing fruit and veg.
17. My favourite film is Sense and Sensibility.
18. My favourite book is the Kite Runner (beautiful and sad).
19. I’d love to drink Elderflower Fizz with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
20. I love marking exam papers, though it does half kill me!
21. I don’t want to live in Manchester forever (though God did indeed create Manchester).
22. I want She Bangs the Drums by The Stone Roses playing at my funeral.
23. I used to teach journalism and loads of my old students now have careers in the media, it makes me proud.
24. My favourite band are The Smiths, genius.
25. I’d like to retire and look after my hubby and be a proper 50’s housewife.

Thanks for reading!