St Patrick’s Day Craft: How to make Paper Shamrocks

These Paper Shamrocks are so easy and really fun to make. We spent Saturday afternoon making all kinds of crafts and these were our favourite. They’re pretty quick to make, especially if you use a stapler and it wouldn’t take any time at all to rustle up enough to really decorate a room for St Patrick’s Day.

The idea is very similar to the paper heart wreath I made for Valentine’s Day. The 3D hearts are very simple to make with a strip of paper and look really effective when put together into a wreath or shamrock.

St Patrick’s Day Craft: How to make Paper Shamrocks


You will need
Green paper or card, A4 size
A ruler and pencil
Stapler with staples
A length of ribbon if you’re hanging your shamrock

How to make your Paper Shamrock

Using a ruler measure the long side of your piece of paper and divide that length by five. Measure out five equal widths of paper and carefully cut into strips using a pair of scissors. If you’re doing this with children then you may want to be in charge of this bit.

Fold four of the strips in half, make sure you’ve got a neat, crisp fold here, this will be the pointy bottom of your heart shape. Bend the edges together to create the heart shape and staple the ends together. Do this with all four strips of paper to make hearts.

St Patrick’s Day Craft: How to make Paper Shamrocks

With the fifth strip (see the picture) you want to fold it into a very tall triangle shape with a flat bottom. Staple the ends together.

Lay the heart shapes out with the pointy triangle in the middle. It’s easier to visualise how to put the paper shamrock together. I found it easier to line up the bottom two hearts with the top of the triangle stem and staple them together. Before you staple the other hearts to the top of the paper shamrock shape, make a loop with your ribbon and staple it in place, then staple the other hearts together and your paper shamrock is done.

Hang up your Paper Shamrocks wherever you like and celebrate St Patrick’s Day with pride!

St Patrick’s Day Craft: How to make Paper Shamrocks