Toys: Introducing SuperZings Series 2 Collectibles

Back in January we received a pack of SuperZings Series 1 to unbox and review. Little did I know that for the next 6 or 7 months SuperZings would become almost as important to my son as breathing. Our local Co-op stocked them, and as they are very reasonably priced, they became something he would be given regularly for good behaviour or trying hard at something. Soon we had pretty much all of the SuperZings Series 1 and we began to wonder when SuperZings Series 2 might be released. The answer to that question is now. Right now.

SuperZings are everyday objects (like a tiny hairdryer or cheese grater with a face, a body and a cape) brought to life as heroes or villains. The SuperZings all live in Kaboom City. There are so many fun, colourful characters and accessories to collect; each with a matching rival which you can collect and swap.

Toys: Introducing SuperZings Series 2 Collectibles

SuperZings are aimed at children aged 4-8, My son is 7 and is a real SuperZings Super-fan!

Like Series 1, there are 80 new multi-coloured characters to collect, each with a matching ‘rival’ including an ultra-rare character, 2 gold and 6 silver, to collect.

Toys: Introducing SuperZings Series 2 Collectibles

The Hideouts and vehicles have had a makeover too. Series 2 Hideouts have a new cylindrical shape which is divided into two chambers. The SuperZings Series 2 vehicles are a new range of SuperJets – collect a motorbike, boat, helicopter and quad bike. There are eight SuperJets to collect in a variety of different colours.

SuperZings Series 2 has some exciting new features including a brand new ‘SuperCrystal’ finish to some of the SuperZings. One of the biggest changes is the addition of a new ultra rare character, ‘Professor K’ – the inventor of ‘Krystaline’, a special substance that creates the SuperCrystal SuperZings. There are 24 ‘SuperCrystal’ characters to collect.  new style hideouts and a new range of playsets so kids can create their very own SuperZings world.

Toys: Introducing SuperZings Series 2 Collectibles

There are a number of playsets to go with the series. The Secret Lab Playset costs £20 and has a secret compartment; a lift to the roof and an exclusive SuperZings character with blaster. The Kaboom Race is also £20 and comes complete with two premium vehicles, a launch pad, barrels and a finish line. There’s also the Police Station Playset which costs £25. The set includes a police car, jail, cannon and lots of interactive elements. These would make great Christmas presents for SuperZings super-fans!

Toys: Introducing SuperZings Series 2 Collectibles

The SuperZings Series 2 collectible range is very reasonably priced and is at pocket money prices. The blind bags which contain one SuperZing are 80p each. The hideouts bags which also include one SuperZing are £1.50 each and the SuperJets including one SuperZing are £2.50 each. There is also a Starter Pack (£5) and a Blister Pack (£10) containing four SuperZings; two hideouts and an exclusive SuperDisc Blaster.

I know from how much my son loved Series 1 that Series 2 will be just as popular, perhaps even more so. They’ve added a lot of new and interesting elements to extend the play further. They’re so collectable and I know once they really hit the shops my son will be busy swapping SuperZings Series 2 characters with his friends. I love how inexpensive they are and how much joy SuperZings bring my son.

Are your kids into SuperZings yet?

SuperZings are available from a wide range of shops including The Entertainer, Tesco, Asda, Co-op and Spar. For more information and activities, visit the SuperZings website

We were sent these products for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.