Board Game Review: I love Britain from Tactic Games

AD/Sent for review. It can be hard to fill these long lockdown days. We’ve been trying to keep up with schoolwork and fill his days with a balance of educational stuff and fun things. This week we’ve been ticking both of those boxes with the new I love Britain game from Tactic Games.

Board Game Review: I love Britain from Tactic Games

It’s a geography based trivia board game which is suitable for ages 8+ and for 2-4 players. To play you have to race around the United Kingdom, visit different regions and answer questions about British culture, traditions and nature. Roll the dice to see whether you’re moving around by bicycle, by car or through the air on a plane. Each correct answer earns you a card, and the first player to collect five different category symbols wins.

The I love Britain game box contains a board of a map of the UK, four playing pieces, a dice and a stack of 100 trivia question cards, plus a set of rules. You begin by shuffling the cards and then you lay 3 cards next to the board. Roll the dice and move towards the location you want to reach.

Board Game Review: I love Britain from Tactic Games

The aim of the game is to collect five different category cards from across the UK; you do this by rolling the dice, moving the right number of steps and correctly answering the trivia questions. The first player to do this wins.

It’s a fun game and one which we all enjoyed. My 9 year old loves maps, so he spent a good amount of time studying the board before we even began playing the game. I think the questions might be a bit beyond the average 8 year old, but you could take a look at some questions and if they’re a bit hard, maybe they could team up with an older player?

The I love Britain game comes in a box about the size of an iPad. It’s a good size for taking on holiday, should you be lucky enough to get away. I like that it’s nice and compact. I also really like that the rules are pretty simple and straightforward to follow.

Board Game Review: I love Britain from Tactic Games

The trivia question cards are really good with varied questions; all of them multiple choice. They each come with an interesting fact about the question and it’s a fun way to learn more about the UK and the sometimes funny and unusual traditions we have.

It’s a fun game. I felt we all learned a little something about the country where we live and we had a good laugh too. It ticks both of the fun and educational boxes we are aiming for these days. 

The I love Britain game is available from a range of online stores and costs around £13.99. 

We were sent the I love Britain game in exchange for this honest review. All images and opinions are our own.