Deodorant Review: Wild Natural Deodorant

We were sent some Wild Natural Deodorant to try for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

A little while ago, I tried giving up deodorant altogether. It was fine in January, but as the weather warmed up, it became clear I needed some kind of product. Now, I have incredibly sensitive skin, so I have to be a bit choosy about what I use. Even products specifically marketed to people with sensitive skin can make mine feel hot, red and tight. This month I was sent a vegan, sustainably produced natural deodorant to put to the test. Here’s how I got on.

Deodorant Review: Wild Natural Deodorant

Wild Natural Deodorant is tailor-made for people like me. It’s made with natural products and doesn’t contain any nasties you might be trying to avoid, like aluminium. It’s a deodorant rather than an antiperspirant, so it won’t stop you sweating. It will leave you feeling and smelling fresh. On top of that, it’s a sustainable solution, so you’re not buying cans and cans each month, or throwing heaps of plastic into landfill. You have an aluminium case (available in a range of styles) and you simply pop your refill into the the case, twist the bottom and it’s good to go.

I was sent an aqua coloured case and an ocean mist scented deodorant to try out. It comes in a neat little box with some instructions. It was easy to put together and replacing the deodorant when I’ve finished it will also be a piece of cake! The instructions are very easy to follow, and not at all complicated, even for someone as easily confused as I.

Deodorant Review: Wild Natural Deodorant

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

Now, given I’ve been stung before in terms of sensitive skincare, I cautiously applied the deodorant on the back of my hand. I wanted to be sure my skin wouldn’t react. It did not. Emboldened by this, I swiped the more sensitive inside of my elbow, and a few hours later, I was feeling confident that all would be well. So after my next shower, I applied a few swipes of the Wild Natural Deodorant to my underarms, and all was well. What a relief!

The ocean mist deodorant has a really fresh scent, which is neither too feminine or masculine. It’s really subtle and I like that it’s not overwhelming at all. There are a number of different scents to choose from. You know yourself and your preferences best, so you’re bound to find one which fits the bill. I really liked the sound of the fresh cotton and sea salt one. There is also a range of deodorants designed for extra sensitive skin, which I’ll be looking into when it’s time to order my next refill.

Deodorant Review: Wild Natural Deodorant

Wild Natural Deodorant is free from nasties (no aluminium or sulphate). They are the world’s first deodorant that has compostable, plastic free refills, so it’s good for your body and the planet! I really love that the refill casing is made of bamboo, which absorbs 35% more carbon and produces 30% more oxygen than trees. It’s all recyclable and really well thought out. You can even get smaller sizer ones to travel with!

I’ve been using Wild National Deodorant for a few weeks now. Stopping using an antiperspirant altogether took a little bit of getting used to, but I’m really happy with this product. It feels like I’m doing my skin a favour. It feels kinder and softer and I know that I’m not adding a pile of deodorant cans each year to landfill. If you’re thinking of making a change to something more natural, or something kinder to the planet, then I would suggest taking a look at Wild.

Deodorant Review: Wild Natural Deodorant

Where can you buy Wild Natural Deodorant?

There are bundles to get you started, but on the website. A case costs from £10 (and this will likely last you for years) and the refills cost £6 each. Once you’ve got your case, then you just need to buy a refill every so often. Simple and sustainable. I’m a big fan already!

If you fancy giving Wild Natural Deodorant a try, you can get a discount if you use this link. Don’t forget to enter the code HODGEPODGE at the checkout.