Deodorant Review: Wild Natural Deodorant

We were sent some Wild Natural Deodorant to try for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

A little while ago, I tried giving up deodorant altogether. It was fine in January, but as the weather warmed up, it became clear I needed some kind of product. Now, I have incredibly sensitive skin, so I have to be a bit choosy about what I use. Even products specifically marketed to people with sensitive skin can make mine feel hot, red and tight. This month I was sent a vegan, sustainably produced natural deodorant to put to the test. Here’s how I got on.

Deodorant Review: Wild Natural Deodorant

Wild Natural Deodorant is tailor-made for people like me. It’s made with natural products and doesn’t contain any nasties you might be trying to avoid, like aluminium. It’s a deodorant rather than an antiperspirant, so it won’t stop you sweating. It will leave you feeling and smelling fresh. On top of that, it’s a sustainable solution, so you’re not buying cans and cans each month, or throwing heaps of plastic into landfill. You have an aluminium case (available in a range of styles) and you simply pop your refill into the the case, twist the bottom and it’s good to go.

I was sent an aqua coloured case and an ocean mist scented deodorant to try out. It comes in a neat little box with some instructions. It was easy to put together and replacing the deodorant when I’ve finished it will also be a piece of cake! The instructions are very easy to follow, and not at all complicated, even for someone as easily confused as I.

Deodorant Review: Wild Natural Deodorant

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

Now, given I’ve been stung before in terms of sensitive skincare, I cautiously applied the deodorant on the back of my hand. I wanted to be sure my skin wouldn’t react. It did not. Emboldened by this, I swiped the more sensitive inside of my elbow, and a few hours later, I was feeling confident that all would be well. So after my next shower, I applied a few swipes of the Wild Natural Deodorant to my underarms, and all was well. What a relief!

The ocean mist deodorant has a really fresh scent, which is neither too feminine or masculine. It’s really subtle and I like that it’s not overwhelming at all. There are a number of different scents to choose from. You know yourself and your preferences best, so you’re bound to find one which fits the bill. I really liked the sound of the fresh cotton and sea salt one. There is also a range of deodorants designed for extra sensitive skin, which I’ll be looking into when it’s time to order my next refill.

Deodorant Review: Wild Natural Deodorant

Wild Natural Deodorant is free from nasties (no aluminium or sulphate). They are the world’s first deodorant that has compostable, plastic free refills, so it’s good for your body and the planet! I really love that the refill casing is made of bamboo, which absorbs 35% more carbon and produces 30% more oxygen than trees. It’s all recyclable and really well thought out. You can even get smaller sizer ones to travel with!

I’ve been using Wild National Deodorant for a few weeks now. Stopping using an antiperspirant altogether took a little bit of getting used to, but I’m really happy with this product. It feels like I’m doing my skin a favour. It feels kinder and softer and I know that I’m not adding a pile of deodorant cans each year to landfill. If you’re thinking of making a change to something more natural, or something kinder to the planet, then I would suggest taking a look at Wild.

Deodorant Review: Wild Natural Deodorant

Where can you buy Wild Natural Deodorant?

There are bundles to get you started, but on the website. A case costs from £10 (and this will likely last you for years) and the refills cost £6 each. Once you’ve got your case, then you just need to buy a refill every so often. Simple and sustainable. I’m a big fan already!

If you fancy giving Wild Natural Deodorant a try, you can get a discount if you use this link. Don’t forget to enter the code HODGEPODGE at the checkout.

Skincare: Montagne Jeunesse Charcoal Peel Off Mask

I like to give my skin a bit of TLC every so often. I swear by a good moisturiser, regular gentle exfoliation and the occasional pampering face mask. I’d seen these relatively new charcoal face masks online before but never tried one, so I put the Montagne Jeunesse Charcoal Peel Off Mask to the test.

The Montagne Jeunesse Charcoal Peel Off Mask contains activated charcoal, pressed birch leaf and crushed witch hazel which draw out impurities and also calm and soothe problem skin. I don’t have problem skin, but I had high hopes the mask would give my pores a deep clean.

Skincare: Montagne Jeunesse Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Activated charcoal seems to be a popular product at the moment with it being used in toothpastes and cleansing products. The detoxifying charcoal in the face mask absorbs excess oil and impurities. I was keen to give the Montagne Jeunesse Charcoal Peel Off Mask a try.

To use the mask, cleanse your skin with warm water, smooth over the mask with your fingertips, leave the mask to dry for 25 minutes. Once dry, peel the mask off. Your skin should look and feel smooth and clean.

Skincare: Montagne Jeunesse Charcoal Peel Off Mask

The mask had a slightly gloopy texture, but it wasn’t runny so it was quite easy to smooth on my face. I have quite sensitive skin and this was very gentle for me. I left the mask to dry for 25 minutes and then peeled it off. This did not hurt at all, it was a very gentle process. Peel off masks should not hurt you.

Charcoal Peel Off Mask – My verdict

I’m a big fan of peel off masks, I like the idea that as you’re peeling them off they are gently pulling the dirt from your pores. I’m not sure if it did or not, but it did leave my skin feeling incredibly soft and clean.

I would absolutely use this Montagne Jeunesse Charcoal Peel Off Mask again. I was really impressed with how it brightened my skin and left it soft and glowing.

The 10g sachet of face mask costs £1 from Boots and is widely available in chemists and supermarkets. The Montagne Jeunesse Charcoal Peel Off Mask is PETA certified cruelty free and is Vegetarian Society Approved.

Skincare: Montagne Jeunesse Charcoal Peel Off Mask
No make up, no filters, just my naked 42 year old face!

Skincare: Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Mask

On a recent girls weekend we all brought along some pampering treats. The aim of the weekend was to relax, have fun and return home with our skin glowing and feeling pampered. In my box of treats I took some body scrubs, hair treatments and a selection of Montagne Jeunesse face masks for the girls. I put the Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Mask to the test. How did my middle-aged skin get on with this mask?

Dead Sea Mud Mask

The Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Mask is an ultra deep pore cleansing mask made from Dead Sea mud, lavender and sea kelp nutrients. The mud helps to draw out impurities and open blocked pores to leave you with clean, soft skin. The mask is apparently ideal for oily skin, is PETA certified cruelty free and is Vegetarian Society Approved.

To use the Dead Sea Mud Mask, cleanse your face with warm water. Then you apply it evenly all over your face and neck with your fingertips. Take care to avoid your eyes and mouth. Then relax for 15 or so minutes while the mask dries, you might feel it crack when you move your face.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Once it’s dry and cracking, wash the mask off. I found it easiest to hop in the shower to rinse it off. Your skin should feel soft and really clean.

Dead Sea Mud Mask – My Verdict:

I am a big fan of Dead Sea Mud Masks and I’ve tried lots of different mud mask brands over the years. I found the Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Mask gave a really thorough cleanse and my skin did indeed feel squeaky clean afterwards.

The mask smelt good, there was a nice gentle lavender scent but without it being overpowering. The mask felt thick and was easy to apply. I did feel that it dried my skin out a little; but I don’t have the kind of oily skin the mask is designed to treat. It’s perhaps more appropriate for teenage skin. Having said that, I’m pleased with the results and I would use this mask again.

The Dead Sea Mud Mask comes in a 20g sachet and I usually find if you’re frugal with the masks there is just about enough for two applications. I bought the mask from Boots and it cost me £1. The Montagne Jeunesse range of masks is widely available in chemists and supermarkets.

Dead Sea Mud Mask
No make up, no filters. My skin is fresh and glowing!

Skincare: A Little Lift Serum from Angela Langford

I’m constantly searching for a miracle lotion or potion that will whisk away my wrinkles and leave me with the dewy skin of a 20 year old. I’m also a realist and I know nothing like that exists this side of a surgeon’s knife, and that’s a road I don’t want to go down. I will happily settle for good skincare products. No, great skincare products. Which is why I found myself trying a firming face serum from Angela Langford.

Angela Langford is a former Masterchef finalist who has branched out into making organic skincare products. The range is extensive and I think pretty much all skin types and needs are covered. If you’re not sure what you need, you are encouraged to contact them for a chat, which is nice.

Skincare: A Little Lift Serum from Angela Langford

I put the ‘A Little Lift Serum’ (£31) to the test. It is described as a plumping and lifting serum for when your skin is losing elasticity or tone. The pump-action bottle contains 30mls of the serum, is made in Britain and is 99% natural.

The ‘A Little Lift Serum’ from Angela Langford contains a range of “botanical super ingredients”, specifically spilanthes acmelia flowers, otherwise known as electric daisies. These are mixed with frankincense, pumpkin seed, argan and hyaluronic acid to nourish, refine and hydrate your skin.

I have the most sensitive skin on my face. Even products marketed for people with sensitive skin often make the skin on my face tight, red and rashy. I have to be really careful with what I use and because my skin flares up so easily I tend to stick with one or two basic brands. My sensitivity means I’m less likely to splash out on an all singing, all dancing serum or cream without trying it for a few days first.

To use the ‘A Little Lift Serum’, I used two pumps of the serum and smoothed it onto my clean face and neck, let it sink in for a few moments and then moisturised normally afterwards. You can use it morning and night.

Skincare: A Little Lift Serum from Angela Langford

I was worried that the ‘A Little Lift Serum’ would leave me red faced and itchy, even organic and natural products are a risk. I had nothing to worry about. The serum and my skin got on fine, really well in fact. The serum was soaked up by my thirsty skin each time I used it. My face felt tighter, but the good kind of tight and it looked brighter.

One of the nicest things for me was the smell. It smelt like the very high-end products they use in good spas. Every time I smoothed it on it felt like I was giving myself a little pamper. The scent of the serum lingered for a while afterwards and it’s quite a nice calming aroma.

I was really very impressed with this serum from Angela Langford. It’s a good product that makes my skin feel great and the smell is gorgeous too. I’m already compiling an Angela Langford wish list for Christmas!

For more information about skincare products from Angela Langford visit her website.

Note: I was sent this serum for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

Skincare: Experiencing Fractional Mesotherapy

If you’ve never heard of Fractional Mesotherapy before, don’t worry, neither had I. That was until a few weeks ago when I was invited along to the Rejuvenate Skin Clinic in Manchester to try one of their treatments.

I could have played it safe and had a nice pampering facial, but as I’d turned 40 a couple of months ago, I was happy to step out of my comfort zone and try something which could make a real difference to my appearance.

Fractional Mesotherapy is where a tailored cocktail of active ingredients including vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid and collagen are microinjected into the skin to plump out and smooth areas of concern.

If you cut through the big words, basically they take a dermapen with several sterile fine needles inside and then stamp and circle your skin with it. This makes fine channels in the skin so they can push the vitamins directly into the dermal layer. Yes, it does sound a bit odd, but I was prepared to give it a go.

Fractional Mesotherapy

I arrived at the Rejuvenate Skin Clinic on Swan Street, just on the outer fringes of Manchester’s Northern Quarter and was greeted by Leena, the Clinic Manager. She gave me a tour of the clinic and then we settled in the Fractional Mesotherapy treatment room where she talked me through what the treatment would involve.

I’d seen lots of before and after photos in the clinic (and there a lots on the internet too, looking at them has become a bit of an addiction). I was excited to see how I would look after the treatment. Leena explained that the treatment had “minimal downtime” which means that my face should look a bit pink for a few hours afterwards but look normal within a day or so.

Fractional Mesotherapy

My treatment began with Leena having a really good look at my skin to see where my problem areas were. I told her where I was most concerned about and she focused her attention on the parts of my face which needed it.

She then cleansed my skin and began the stamping process on my forehead. It wasn’t that bad and not painful. It was a little uncomfortable in parts, more so across my forehead, but I guess there’s not much fat and muscle underneath my skin there. Leena would stamp or circle an area with the needles and then gently massage in a vitamin serum she’d mixed up for me based on my needs. The idea is that this helps to stimulate the natural production of collagen, making the skin look and feel fresher and tighter.

Just before and just after my Fractional Mesotherapy treatment.
Just before and just after my Fractional Mesotherapy treatment.

The micro-needling lasted around 45 minutes and whilst I was glad it was over, I would be happy to have it done again, so it really wasn’t too bad. It was never painful, just a bit strange feeling. To calm my skin after the treatment I relaxed for ten minutes with a cooling saline mask which did feel very soothing.

For the rest of the day my skin was quite pink. The next day it was a lot better, and it was only pink in the areas where Leena had focused her attentions on. You’re not really allowed to use soap, make up, moisturisers or other products on your skin for a day or two afterwards. I was given some of the serum to take home and rub in, which again was very soothing. At no point was my skin sore or bothering me in any way. It just looked a little bit pink in places for a few hours.

Fractional Mesotherapy is good for dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles as well as scars and stretchmarks. It is very much a non-surgical treatment which you can use to give your skin a boost a few days before an occasion. They recommend a course of several treatments for you to be able to see real results in the long term.

Fractional Mesotherapy
Two days after my Fractional Mesotherapy treatment

I had one treatment, but I was delighted with the results. After 48 hours my skin looked tighter, it glowed and my fine lines were less noticeable. My skin wasn’t dry, but it was perhaps a little thirstier than usual. I followed the aftercare instructions to the letter and I’m very, very happy with the results.

Would I have Fractional Mesotherapy again? Yes I would. It’s not a pampering treatment, and not something I’d choose if I wanted a relaxing treat; but it is a real alternative to botox, fillers and other surgical options. Several of my friends have commented on how good my skin looks since my visit to the clinic too.

Fractional Mesotherapy

I thought that the staff at Rejuvenate Skin Clinic in Manchester were friendly and professional. They were knowledgeable about the treatments and they prepared me well for something that was a little out of my usual comfort zone. The clinic was scrupulously clean, everything was sterile and Leena made sure to wear gloves throughout my treatment.

Rejuvenate Skin Clinic in Manchester offers a range of treatments and therapies for a range of skin conditions for both men and women. It’s a comfortable, discrete clinic, 5 minutes walk from Market Street. It’s somewhere I would very happily go again for further treatments.

For more information about Fractional Mesotherapy or the Rejuvenate Skin Clinic in Manchester, visit their website.

Rejuvenate Skin Clinic, 11 Swan Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 5JJ Tel: 0161 819 5555

I was an invited guest of the Rejuvenate Skin Clinic in Manchester. I received this treatment in exchange for this blog post. All images and opinions are my own.

Spa Days: The Spa at The Midland, Manchester

Over the weekend my husband took me to The Midland Hotel in Manchester for a romantic weekend to celebrate my birthday. My gift from him was a night in a suite; a nine course meal in The French and some time in The Spa at The Midland. It was not the worst present I’ve ever been given. The boy did very well.

The Spa at The Midland

I am VERY fond of a spa day. Sometimes I will go to a spa for a treatment or two and then chill out in the thermal rooms. Sometimes I will just go for a swim, a sauna and a steam. I find thermal rooms are very good for my back (I have chronic pain). The warmth of a sauna or a steam room really eases my old bones, so a spa day isn’t just a nice treat, it’s like therapy.

As a guest at The Midland if you just want to use the spa; all you do is phone the Spa Reception and they’ll book you in for a time. This is so the spa doesn’t get too busy and noisy. If you’re not staying in the hotel, then you’ll need to book a spa day. There are a range of different options on their website.

The Spa at The Midland has won a whole host of awards including Best City Spa Break Manchester, Best City Spa Day Manchester and Best Hotel Spa Manchester. The Spa at The Midland has also been named as ‘Best City Spa’ in The Candis 2016 Spa Awards. It is very good.

Take the lift to the lower ground floor and open the door to the spa; the smell of soothing essential oils permeates up the corridor to the spa reception. We were greeted by one of the staff; given a fluffy towel, a robe and slippers and directed to the changing rooms.

The Spa at The Midland

The communal changing rooms are a little on the small side, but if they only have small numbers in at a time it shouldn’t be an issue. The changing area has showers as well as an area where you can dry and straighten your hair.

I headed straight for the pool area, taking a shower before diving in. The shower has three different settings, and is a bit of an experience in itself. The cool misty shower is great after the sauna.

The pool isn’t large, but it’s big enough to do a few gentle laps before sitting in the jacuzzi. The jacuzzi is very warm, it was too warm for my husband; but the bubbles pummelled my back in all the right places so I did spend quite a lot of time in there.

There is a small sauna and a steam room tucked away near the tropical shower area. Both rooms are probably big enough for 4 or 5 people but no more. I really enjoyed both rooms and I would very much like to go back and spend some more time in them. There is something very cleansing about having a sauna and a steam; I’d recommend it, especially if you suffer with aches and pains.

I didn’t venture into the relaxation room, but hubs spent quite a lot of time in there; he made himself a herbal tea, found a restful corner and promptly fell asleep. I do enjoy a relaxation room after I’ve had a treatment, they’re good places to chill out in whilst you come round after a massage or facial. Or if you’re my husband, a great place to have a nap.

The Spa at The Midland

We spent a couple of hours enjoying the pool and thermal suites before heading back to our room to get ready for dinner. We didn’t have the time to try out any of the treatments on offer at The Spa at The Midland, but that is something we will look at for our next visit.

The Spa at The Midland also has a gym, a number of treatment rooms and a cafe to enjoy when you visit. I’ve been to a lot of spas and this felt very luxurious; it was clean, the lighting was soft and relaxing and the staff were attentive without been obtrusive. I enjoyed my couple of hours in the spa very much and I’m looking forward to our return.

For more information and more detailed photographs (I didn’t take any photos inside the spa for obvious reasons), visit The Spa at The Midland website.

Spa Days: Volair Spa, Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park

Despite a promise to look after myself a bit better this year, beauty treatments and spa days have been pretty thin on the ground. Other things and other people come first, which as a mum is how it should be, but it was definitely my turn for a bit of TLC. Real life friend and fellow blogger Liz from Expression and Confession and I hopped in the car for a day at Volair Spa at Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park. We had been invited to the spa for the day to check out their facilities and to find out more about the treatments they offer.

Volair Spa at Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park

We arrived at Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park and not being locals we had no idea what to expect. It is a large, very modern leisure centre. It’s an interesting state of the art building, filled with sculptures, interesting art works, the biggest swimming pool I’ve seen in a while, a gym, squash courts and lots more.

We headed upstairs to the Volair Spa. We were greeted by Hayley who gave us fluffy robes and slippers to change into. Once we’d got changed we sat in the relaxation room and chilled out with a cup of herbal tea while we waited for some more people to arrive. This is a really restful place, with soft mood lighting, scented candles and comfortable chairs or beanbags to sit on.

Volair Spa at Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park

After a short welcome and health and safety talk we were shown downstairs to the Thermal Suite. I love thermal suites, they are always my favourite part of a spa. The thermal suite at the Volair Spa was small but perfectly formed. It had one steam room, a sauna and a jacuzzi. Everything looked new, scrupulously clean and very very tempting.

We were given some Lycon Spa Essentials exfoliating sugar scrub to scrub ourselves all over with before we began. There were lots of different scrubs to choose from, but I went for the pomegranate. We scrubbed and showered, and with fresh glowy skin we slipped into the jacuzzi to let the de-stressing process begin.

Volair Spa at Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park

We had an hour in the thermal suite, and we tried out the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. We felt deliciously relaxed and reluctant to leave for lunch. A two hour session in the thermal suite costs just £9.50, or two people for £15 which is excellent value. If I lived locally I could happily spend the day here, swimming for an hour or so, then unwinding in the thermal suite for a few hours.

Volair Spa at Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park

After a light lunch and a glass of fizz we found ourselves in the capable hands of Beauty Therapist Hayley. Hayley gave us a fascinating hands on workshop on how to take our make up off and give ourselves a lovely home facial. My skin already felt pretty fantastic after applying the AromaWorks facial cleanser, toner and facial oils.

We were then ushered into one of their treatment rooms. The rooms are quiet, lit softly and are lovely relaxing spaces. I volunteered to have a Crystal Clear Micro-Dermabrasion treatment. It works by gently exfoliating the outer layers of the skin and gives immediate results for a range of skincare niggles including fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, blackheads, pigmentation, blemish scars and acne scars. I have pretty good skin for my age, but they promised to blast out some of my stubborn blackheads, clean my open pores and give me a general freshen up.

The Crystal Clear Micro-Dermabrasion didn’t hurt at all. Ultra-fine crystals are blasted onto your skin, but it feels quite gentle, just a little bit like someone is gently pushing your face with something like the rubber end of a pencil (that’s the only comparison I could think of, I’m sorry). It took around 20 minutes and afterwards my skin was moisturised. When I got home I took a photo…

Volair Spa at Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park

… and I was impressed by how fresh and glowy my skin looked. It was visibly cleaner (yes I do wash every day) and brighter. Everyone who has clapped eyes on me since has remarked on how well I’m looking too.

We had a thoroughly relaxing day at the Volair Spa at the Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park. It’s a lovely, modern spa with good facilities, great treatments, a restful atmosphere and free parking. It was so good we’ve booked to go back next month!

The Volair Spa is at Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park, Longview Drive, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 6EG Tel: 0151 443 2580

We were invited guests of Volair Spa, but all images and opinions are our own. We were under no obligation to blog about our spa day.

Prosecco, skincare and a makeover in Didsbury

I am not by nature one of the beautiful people. I don’t have lovely swishy hair and flawless make up. In fact on the rare occasions that I wear make up it’s usually a quick flick of an ancient mascara and some free lip gloss I got with a magazine years ago.

The saying goes – you can’t polish a turd, so there’s no point in me trying, but this week my friend Jane and I went to Toni & Guy in Didsbury to find out more about their beauty rooms and Jane persuaded me to have a makeover.


Jane has recently had what ladies of our age call “a special birthday”, she arrived at her party looking stunning. Gillian Rafferty, a local make up artist had done her make up and although Jane is naturally beautiful anyway (with swishy hair) she looked flawless and fabulous. Gillian has been a make up artist for ten years and has worked with celebrities including Colleen Rooney, Kate Kelly and Michelle Keegan.

Gillian did my make up and Jane watched keenly. Gillian quickly assessed my skin and applied a tinted primer, deftly hid my quite massive eye bags and put eye-shadow, mascara and eyeliner on me to make more of my eyes. She finished my makeover with some pink lipstick in a shade I’d never normally try, but obviously worked for me, and then sort of spray painted my face which fixed my make up and made it look flawless. Yes, I looked flawless.


We spent some time looking around the beauty rooms, Clare Angela is the resident beauty therapist and she offers pretty much everything you might need -manicures, pedicures, tanning, waxing and facials. Clare is passionate about skincare and she offers a range of facials using Environ products starting from £45.

During the evening Environ were there with a special camera which takes photographs of your face and allows you to see how damaged your skin is and what you can do about it. They come to Didsbury every few months, so if you’re interested it’s worth phoning Clare and booking a session with them.


We had a lovely and interesting evening learning about make up, beauty and skincare at Toni & Guy and then we went off to drink some more prosecco in a local bar. And my make up still looked good when I got home!


Beauty and Skin Health by Clare Angela is available by appointment at Toni & Guy in Didsbury, phone 0161 445 5466 for more information on what Clare offers. Makeovers and make up tutorials are available from Gillian Rafferty by appointment.

A seriously good facial at Beauty Bee, Bramhall

When Beauty Bee opened in Bramhall a few months ago, I started to hear from friends how good it was. As something of a facial addict I decided to book myself in for a treat and to see if the buzz about Beauty Bee was correct.

Located at Moorend Golf Driving Range in Bramhall, it might at first glance seem to be an unconventional location for beauty treatments, but Beauty Bee offer a selection of deep tissue and sports massages to the golfers, as well as a full range of beauty and pampering treatments to non-sporting types too. Once you are in the Beauty Bee treatment room you’d never guess you were in a golf club and it has the benefit of having more than ample free parking too.

Beauty Bee

On arrival Abby greeted me and escorted me into her treatment room, it was warmly decorated and very comfortable. We sat and chatted about my skin and if it had any problems, then she left the room while I got undressed and I made myself comfortable on the treatment table. Abby wrapped me in towels and a blanket and offered to put the heated blanket on for me, but I was warm and comfortable enough without it.

I’d booked myself in for the Prescription Facial (£30) and Abby took a good look at my skin. It’s fairly normal, combination skin which is a bit dehydrated around the eyes and starting to show a bit of wear and tear (I am 40 this year so it’s time I started looking my age, if not acting it occasionally).

Abby explained that she would be using products from The Potion Shop, a Manchester based company who make organic and paraben free skincare products.

Beauty Bee

It was at this point I largely zoned out and just relaxed into my treatment. I was aware that for the best part of 45 minutes I was being pampered to death. My skin was exfoliated, massaged and treated to hot towels and lots of TLC. Towards the end of my facial, Abby applied a face mask and put chamomile and lavender soaked pads on my eyes whilst she gave my hands and forearms a massage. It was blissful.

My skin felt amazing and was really glowing. As you can see from the before and after photographs below, my skin is a much more even tone, it’s less shiny and I look incredibly relaxed afterwards.

Beauty Bee

The treatment lasted just under an hour and it was an excessively good pampering. Abby clearly loves her job and is very passionate about what she does. I can really recommend Beauty Bee and the prescription facial, I adored my treatment, the look on my face in the second photo is all you really need to know – I will definitely be booking to go back again soon!

SPECIAL OFFER: Maternity Mondays at Beauty Bee – 30% off all treatments if you are on maternity leave and book in on a Monday. 

Beauty Bee is at Moorend Golf Driving Range, 177 Woodford Rd, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire SK7 1QE Phone: 07876 032125. You can find Beauty Bee on Facebook. They also offer treatments on selected days at The University of Manchester.

Review: Hope’s Relief Intensive Rescue

I’ve had patches of eczema on my body since I was a toddler, and generally I’m very prone to dry skin, more so these days now I’m on the countdown to 40 (hard to believe I know *coughs*). When I was asked to try out some Hope’s Relief skincare products I jumped at the chance.

Hope’s Relief is Australia’s best selling hand cream, and they have a range of other products designed to relieve eczema prone, itchy, cracked or dry skin. The Hope’s Relief range includes intensive rescue cream, moisturising lotion, body wash and herbal haircare products, all of which are made with natural products and is free from parabens and other nasties.

I sampled the moisturising lotion, the intensive dry skin rescue and the goats milk body wash.

Hope's relief

The moisturising lotion is suitable for face and body, it’s a general lotion which sinks in quickly, leaves no smell on your skin and helps my skin to feel moisturised and soft. I slather it on all over after a shower and my skin very quickly started to feel softer, smoother and it had fewer dry patches on it.

The intensive dry skin rescue cream is altogether a much more intense product, it is thicker and better for rubbing into patches of eczema, psoriasis or just really dry bits. Like any cream of this nature it’s best to do a little patch test first to make sure your skin likes it, my skin did, it drank it up. I applied it to some of my drier patches and it did give them a boost and within a few days they started to look and feel better.

Probably my favourite product of the three I tried was the Hope’s Relief Goats milk, shea and cocoa butter body wash. I was almost expecting it to smell goaty, but it doesn’t, it’s got quite a neutral smell, it lathers up beautifully and really leaves my skin feeling great. I really love the body wash and have expressly forbidden anyone else from using it!

Hope’s Relief is made with a range of natural products including Hospital Grade Organic Manuka Honey NPA 10+, Gotu Kola, Aloe Vera, Organic Calendula and Licorice Root to soothe and repair damaged skin.  Their range is suitable for all ages, even for newborn infants and is free from sodium laurel sulphates, parabens, coal tar, artificial colours and fragrances and contains no mineral oils or petrochemicals.

I found that using these Hope’s Relief products for a couple of weeks did make a difference to the feel of my skin and that the cracks and cuts on my hands in particular are looking much better.

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