Make your own Wildlife Friendly Magic Reindeer Food with FREE Printable Envelope

Every Christmas Eve we leave a plate out for Father Christmas. There’s a mince pie and a little tot of brandy and a carrot for Rudolph. But what about the other reindeer? Well, we sprinkle some magic reindeer food outside for them too.

Make your own Wildlife Friendly Magic Reindeer Food with FREE Printable Envelope

In previous years we’ve sprinkled a mixture of oats and glitter, or bought packets of ready-made magic reindeer food in a plastic wrapper. But these days we are a bit more aware of single use plastics and that glitter gets everywhere and isn’t that great for the environment either. With that in mind, this year we’ve made our own wildlife friendly mix of magic reindeer food and we’ve got a cute recyclable envelope you can print out and share with friends and neighbours.

To make the envelopes, just download the free printable. Cut along the lines on the outside, fold the two side flaps into the centre and glue them together. Fold the bottom flap up and glue that into place. Put your envelope under a book or something which will keep it flat while the glue dries.

Download your free envelope template here.

Make your own Wildlife Friendly Magic Reindeer Food with FREE Printable EnvelopeOnce the glue has dried, you can start filling each one with the wildlife friendly magic reindeer food mix. For each envelope you will need…

Wildlife friendly magic reindeer food mix

2 teaspoons of oats
2 teaspoons of wild bird seed
1 teaspoon of dried cranberries

We had a little bowl filled with each of the ingredients and using a teaspoon, we put the right amount of reindeer food in each one. To close the envelope, we used a dab of the glue, if you want to stick it down quickly, you could use a small sticker. We chose to use dried cranberries, partly because they are pretty and jewel like, and partly because we have a dog. Grapes, raisins, sultanas and currants can be poisonous for dogs.

Make your own Wildlife Friendly Magic Reindeer Food with FREE Printable Envelope

The really great thing about these envelopes is, once you’ve used them, they can just be put in the recycling. There’s no waste, the reindeer food will be gratefully snaffled up by the local wildlife; and there’s no pesky single use plastic to worry about either. It’s an all-round winner!

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Make your own Wildlife Friendly Magic Reindeer Food with FREE Printable Envelope

The Garden: A Bird Gift Box from Boxwild

Living on the edge of the city, near the river and close to a wildlife and nature reserve we are very in touch with nature and our garden is visited daily by a diverse range of garden birds. At night I can hear the owls hooting in the trees near our house and we sometimes spot some of the bright green wild parakeets who live nearby.

As we’ve worked on our garden over the years, we’ve planted things which will encourage bees, butterflies and other insects into our garden, and we’ve build a bird table and hung up bird feeders to help them out over the winter months.

We like to feel like we’re doing our bit for local wildlife and in return they’re giving us something to watch and talk about when they visit our garden. If you’ve got space for a feeder, they will reward you time and time again when they visit, plus it’s great for kids to watch and learn with you.

Boxwild sell wildlife and bird gift boxes containing high quality seasonal seed blends and a range of goodies to attract wildlife into your garden. They currently have three gift options choose from two different gift subscription boxes which are available monthly, quarterly or in 6 monthly packages,  or choose to send a single gift box. These wildlife subscription boxes make the perfect gift for bird lover.


The Bird Gift Box is jam packed with three blends of Boxwild’s bird or wildlife seed and goodies such as a feeder or habitat, plant seeds or special Boxwild gift. This box is ideal for bird and wildlife lovers.

The Boxwild Bird Seed Gift Box contains three specially blended, seasonal seed mixes to attract a range of birds into your garden. Choose the monthly subscription and each month they will select three seed blends to give your birds optimal nutrition for the season.

Boxwild have partnered with the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust and Butterfly Conservation and for every box sold, Boxwild donate to these charities. 

Visit the Boxwild website for more information or to order.