Review: The Best of Sport and Leisure board game

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We were sent The Best of Sport and Leisure for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

I was chatting to someone this week about board games, and how as a family we’d fallen back in love with board games during the pandemic. Lockdown had made us dig out the board games and reacquaint ourselves with the rules of all kinds of games which had been gathering dust for years. We’ve also added some new ones to our collection, like The Best of Sport and Leisure, where the questions are all about sport; everything from football to fishing, badminton to basketball, and walking to weightlifting.

Review: The Best of Sport and Leisure board game

The Best of Sport and Leisure is the latest game release from the LOGO family. Question cards are divided into the famous LOGO favourites; Picture cards, Theme cards and Potluck cards. There are questions even people who don’t really love sports (me, this is me) can answer.

The questions aren’t generally about who won a race in 1922 or who scored the winning goal in the 1966 World Cup Final; it’s all the things you pick up without even knowing it, like “Which ex-England footballer has the name of a borough of New York City tattooed across his lower back”. So it’s a fun game to play, even if you’re not a sports-super fan!

Review: The Best of Sport and Leisure board game

The box contains –

  • 252 Question Cards
  • 12 Action Cards
  • Playing Board
  • 2 Playing Pieces
  • Instructions

Ideally you need two teams for this, with at least two people per team. It’s aimed at people aged 12+ and the rules are pretty simple to pick up. Two teams race to the finish, answering questions along the way. There are three kinds of question cards (each card has four questions on), pot luck, picture cards and common theme cards.

Review: The Best of Sport and Leisure board game

To keep everyone on their toes, there are six different kinds of action cards. These are mostly used to disrupt play and throw your rival team off their game. Each team takes turns in being the Question Master; it’s a fun, fairly fast-paced game which really gets your brain working.

I think the more people on your team, the better. It is pretty simple to pick up and if you have a mixed age team, then your chances of winning are probably higher. Despite it being all about sport, my team did pretty well answering the questions; because it’s not so much about remembering facts and figures, but more general stuff. I was surprised at how many questions I knew the answers to, and I did wonder how I’d managed to remember so much info about surfing, for example.

Review: The Best of Sport and Leisure board game

The Best of Sport and Leisure is made by Drummond Park for Tomy and costs around £24.99. I spotted it on Amazon, but it is widely available in toy shops and larger retailers.

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