Happy First Blog Birthday HodgePodgeDays

Last Updated on May 25, 2016 by HodgePodgeDays

Hurrah! Today marks the very first anniversary of my first blog post and the start of what has been an incredible journey for me. It’s been a busy and emotional 12 months and I want to thank each and every one of the lovely people who read my blog for sticking with me, for supporting me and sending me love when I’ve needed it.

My first ever post was this one, a recipe for a skinny veggie homity pie, looking back it has its imperfections, but it’s a good recipe that is pretty easy to follow.

In the past year I’ve rattled off just a smidge over 250 posts, so I’ve picked out five of my favourites, hope you like them too…

  1. Body Confidence – how I learned to love my lumpy, bumpy body (includes me in my nicest pants).
  2. Peanut Hottie – a recipe for a delicious and VERY boozy milkshake.
  3. You know you’re a parent when… – 15 funny ways you know you’re in the Mum & Dad club.
  4. The night before my life began again – remembering my first operation and all the physical and emotional healing afterwards.
  5. A love letter – lovely words about a very lovely man.


I wonder what capers are in store for us, I guess we’ll have to keep reading to find out.

Jane x

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