Blogging Basics: Keeping track of your Social Media followers

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A few months ago I set myself the challenge of reaching 20k social media followers across the board by 2017. I was around 4k short by that point and I knew the only way to effectively track my numbers was on an Excel spreadsheet. I created a very basic spreadsheet and on the 1st of each month I update it with my numbers.

We all know that the essence of social media is the SOCIAL bit. I’m not going to give you any wise words about how to magically increase your social media followers overnight. But the best way to grow your numbers on social media is to always to engage and be engaging with your followers. It’s as simple and as hard work as that. 

My spreadsheet which you can download HERE is really basic and therefore very simple to use. I’ve included all the social media channels I use and can think of. If there’s one on there you don’t use, just put a zero in that box and it will ignore it. If I’ve missed any, please message me or leave a comment and I’ll update the spreadsheet.

I’ve set the spreadsheet up so that it will add up your numbers and give you a total number of followers. This will also appear in the chart below. I like seeing my numbers rising on a chart. I’m a very visual person so a rising graph always pleases me.

You might like to set yourself a target for the year. See how many followers you’ve got on New Years Day and then give yourself a target to work for. It could be an across the board total figure you’re working towards, or maybe you want to get to 10k followers on Instagram in 2017. Whatever your social media followers target for 2017, tracking your progress is the first step to success.

Blogging: Keeping track of your Social Media followers

3 thoughts on “Blogging Basics: Keeping track of your Social Media followers

  1. This is brilliant! Thank you for creating and sharing it. I’m still a relatively new blogger so my following isn’t very big yet – growing it across FB and Instagram is a definite goal for this year, so this spreadsheet is going to be super useful.

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