Colours, Materials and Prints of 2019 and Where to Use Them

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If like thousands of other Brits, you’ve launched yourself into 2018 by giving your home the Marie Kondo treatment, all that decluttering may have left areas of your home uncovered that you’ve not seen in years. If you’ve been left thinking that you ought to align your interior with your new state of mind, now’s the time to try some of the key colours, prints and patterns of 2019 on for size. Will your home be pretty in the predicted to be highly popular new shades of pink? Or is your home’s interior future written in the stars?

Colours, Materials and Prints of 2019 and Where to Use Them

Perfect pink

There’s definitely no saying bye to pink in 2019. While it may seem this colour has been in fashion forever, the good news for those who were not blown away by blush is that the shades of pink-tipped to be popular in 2019 are a little livelier. Firmly on the radar is coral, the new grey according to the Telegraph and taking centre stage thanks to the fact Pantone has declared ‘Living Coral’ their colour of the year.

If blush was too subtle, cold or simply a bit wishy-washy for you, you could find the perfect decorating partner in the new must-have pink, coral. Warm, energising and far from a wallflower shade, it’s a great colour to use for shared living spaces such as living rooms. However, it also performs well as an accent colour. Could it be the feature shade for the panelling in your new bathroom or the utensils in your kitchen?

Touches of tin

Reached maximum rose gold? Copping out of copper? While the British Style Society tips that metallic looks for 2019 are going to be all mixed up, data from Pinterest suggests that homewares are going to feature touches of tin this year. Search information from the platform shows that searches for tin interiors are up by 563% this year.

This is a very affordable trend to experiment with but if you don’t fancy making a feature of tin utensils and accessories in the kitchen, where could you find this metal sitting comfortably? Tin containers for plants could nestle on the windowsill or brighten up the conservatory – or maybe you’d like to add a decorative tin plaque on the walls?   

Softer Scandi

The softer update to Scandi style signals a move towards what many may consider a more accessible and inviting take on what we have come to consider to be traditional Scandi style. In the past, the focus has been on shades of white, grey or other neutral colours. For 2019, there are non-abrasive flashes of colour brought into Scandi-styled spaces. These are no bold brights though. Instead, they’re more approachable paler, and altogether mellower shades that are easy on the eye. Think mustard, lighter greens and pinks.

Is this move in a more colourful direction enough to win you over to a Scandi-inspired update? In recent years, Scandi style has dominated in spaces such as nurseries and kitchens. However, if you’re not a fan, you may be more excited about the trend for darker kitchens, also predicted to be in vogue for 2019.

Reach for the Stars

Twinkle, twinkle, little star is an interiors look that’s tipped to go far. We saw starry prints and celestial-inspired patterns and shades really make an impact towards the end of 2018 and the interiors obsession with all things skyward is set to continue this year. Full of magic and mystery, bring creamy golds into your living room or use celestial shades such as navy, black or silver in your study.

The constellation craze and its sense of exploration is seen to align with previous interiors trends such as adventure travel. Could you create a space that fuels the imagination, takes inspiration from astrology or hints and hues from the mythical? It’s also tipped to be a huge trend for weddings, so it’s sure to be picked up in the world of hotel interiors. And while starry nights may be an obvious theme for a main bedroom, you could equally style a strong and dramatic dining area by bringing in the strong, dark colours, metallics and subtle sparkle of this trend.

What do you think? Are you crazy about coral or do you prefer the constellation craze? Will you be mourning the wane of the previously all-powerful rose gold or are totally into the idea of tin taking over? Maybe you’re feeling so Zen after your recent Marie Kondo antics that you’re pressing pause on decorating for now to take a wait and see approach as to what other trends 2019 may bring?

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