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Last week we reviewed The Fearsome World of Dinosaurs, a Paperscapes books from Carlton Books. This week we are taking a look at Paperscapes – The Amazing World of Animals. The Paperscapes books are beautiful hardback books, filled with die-cut illustrations and facts and information about all kinds of animals.

Meet the world’s most curious creatures! From ferocious hunters to cunning disguise artists, eagles with attitude to deadly dragons, you’ll discover a new furry, feathery or scaly beast with every turn of the page.

Win a copy of Paperscapes - The Amazing World of Animals

The Amazing World of Animals is a really lovely book. There are perforations around all of the illustrations, so you can press out around the images so they really stand out. The Amazing World of Animals is illustrated by Stuart Martin. Each illustration is beautifully detailed and the creatures on the pages really stand out and grab your attention.

Written by Moira Butterworth, The Amazing World of Animals is packed with animal facts; including their size, what they eat, lifespan and conservation status. There’s also a map of where they live and some did you know style facts.

Each page is filled with facts and information about each creature. For example, did you know that the Emperor penguin can dive as deep as 550 metres below the surface of the Antarctic sea and they can hold their breath for over 20 minutes. No? Me neither

The Awesome World of Animals is aimed at children aged 7+. It’s a really colourful, interesting, engaging reference books for children, right into their early teens. The facts are pitched at just the right level and the language used is fine for a good reader aged 7, but not too simple so that a teenager can enjoy reading it.

Win a copy of Paperscapes - The Amazing World of Animals

If you like the idea of these Paperscapes books, but dinosaurs aren’t your thing, there are three other books in the series –  The Incredible World of Bugs;  The Spectacular Journey into Space and The Fearsome World of Dinosaurs.

Paperscapes – Amazing World of Animals by Moira Butterfield is published by Carlton Books and costs £12.99. It is available online and from good bookshops.

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of Paperscapes – The Amazing World of Animals for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

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