Review: Peter Rabbit’s Christmas Tale DVD

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I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely on the countdown to Christmas now. My head is filled with plots and schemes for making the run up to Christmas a magical one for the small boy and our little family. One of the things we like to do is snuggle up on the sofa and watch Christmassy DVDs together. 

As a child I used to love Peter Rabbit, so I was naturally thrilled when he returned to our screens just in time for my son to enjoy it too, Peter Rabbit and Friends is a series we do watch and enjoy together, so I was really pleased to be sent a copy of Peter Rabbit’s Christmas Tale DVD from Abbey Home Media. The DVD was released on Monday 2nd November and it’s the perfect DVD to watch with your little ones this Christmas.

Peter Rabbit’s Christmas Tale DVD

This new DVD features Peter Rabbit’s Christmas Tale and seven other adventurous wintery episodes from Peter, Benjamin, Lilly and friends. Episodes on this festive DVD include –

Peter Rabbit’s Christmas Tale – When Mr. Bouncer gets too sick to make the important holiday supply delivery, Peter and Benjamin take it upon themselves to brave a blizzard (and Mr. Tod) to get the job done and meet a new friend along the way.

The Tale of the Uninvited Badger – When Tommy Brock decides he’s had enough of the cold, he takes shelter by the fire inside the Bouncer’s Burrow. It’s up to Peter and his friends to devise a way of getting the grumpy badger out and to make sure he doesn’t come back!

The Tale of the Runaway Rabbit – Peter is left to babysit Cotton-tail but can’t resist an exciting event at the Squirrel camp. He brings his sleeping sister along but soon must rescue her when she wakes up and crawls away

The Tale of the Stolen Firewood – When Peter, Lily and Benjamin go out to collect firewood, they soon find that not one but three predators are after some too. Can the rabbits stage a series of daring raids to retrieve it?

The Tale of the Grumpy Owl – When Old Brown takes Peter’s Journal, Peter must choose between saving his most precious possession and saving a friend.

The Tale of the Lucky Four-Leaf Clover – When Benjamin finds a four-leaf clover, Peter tricks him into thinking it brings good luck. It’s harmless fun until Peter’s prank accidentally leads Lily into Mr. Tod’s dangerous clutches! 

The Tale of the Big Move – When Lily’s father decides to move the family out of the Lake District, Peter comes up with a clever, but dangerous, plan to change Dr. Bobtail’s mind.

The Tale of the Greedy Fox – When Peter tells an impulsive lie, which leads Jemima Puddle-Duck into Mr. Tod’s clutches, he must act fast to stop her from becoming the fox’s dinner! 

With over 100 minutes of animated action, Peter Rabbit’s Christmas Tale DVD was a real winner for our family, lots of action, lots of adventure and lots of festive fun. For more information about Peter Rabbit and Friends you can join the Peter Rabbit Club on Facebook.

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