Is it ever ok to wear sandals and socks?

This afternoon there was a knock at the door, a nice man handed me a bag of lovely summery things I’d ordered off the interweb. I scampered upstairs to try them on. I ooohed and ahhhed over a few things, then upon spying the lovely pair of gladiator sandals I’d ordered, choirs of heavenly angels did sing. It was shoe love. I’d found the one (pair) I’d been dreaming of.

Slipping them on I declared them to be perfect, that was until I took my first few steps and the agony of a new leathery shoe rubbing against my tender cankle was too much to bear. I took to Twitter to crowd source a solution. There was a resounding “dunno”, with a few people suggesting plasters. To me, the solution was obvious.

sandals and socks

I spend most of my days sat in my work chair at home, tapping on my keyboard. No one sees me, no one of consequence anyway, so I popped some socks on and slipped into my sandals. Let the breaking in process commence. I sat and wiggled my toes while I worked. My feet seemed excessively comfortable and warm, but not too hot. Wait! My feet were the perfect temperature. My feet might have been the happiest they’ve ever been.

I got up and moved about. The sandals didn’t rub, my feet felt amazing, they didn’t look like they should sashay down a catwalk any-time soon, but they felt AMAZING. Could sandals and socks be the future?

I have a friend, an older retired gentleman who had a lengthy career in the legal profession. He tells me gleefully that during the summer months he was known for wearing sandals and socks, even in court. He tells me that sandals and socks are both hygienic and cool (cool in the temperature sense though, we know sandals and socks are NEVER cool). He styles it out by wearing crazy, brightly coloured socks and I salute him for that. He thinks sandals and socks are the future too.

I am awfully, awfully torn by this situation. On one hand, sandals and socks feel glorious, I truly believe my feet have never been happier. Happy feet equal a happy person, and for one all too brief afternoon I was happy. Happier than I’ve been in a long time. But on the other hand, sandals and socks. Sandals AND socks. I’m not sure I’ve got the stones to leave the house in sandals and socks without irony or for fancy dress purposes.

So for now, with deep and considerable regret, I will remain a closet wearer of sandals and socks. Try it, I urge you in the privacy of your own home to experience the seductive joy of sandals and socks. If you do enjoy it, please spread the love and share the word. I truly believe that sandals and socks ARE the future.

Can I get a Hell Yeah!

11 thoughts on “Is it ever ok to wear sandals and socks?

  1. laughing out loud, too funny! – You know, in the 80’s sandlas and socks were the ‘in thing’ for a while… all the teenagers at school (including me) went through a phase of wearing ankle socks and sandals to school… 🙂

  2. HehE ooh dilemma. You COULd be a sneaky socks and sandals wearer. Get to your destination sockless then sneak them on again and ooh and ahh in the blissful existence that is shoes and socks. I am guilty of ballet flats and socks!

  3. Secretly I wear socks around the house. Of course this means I need to keep slip on sandals by the back door to go outside. Shhh don’t tell anyone, it will be our secret.

  4. Hi! I think your sandals/socks combination looks great.

    I’m a guy and I wear flip-flops with socks. Why? Same reasons you stated. I found out as I wore flip-flops in fall/winter (was too cheap to buy shoes back then). Now I do it in summer as well. Most people might think socks and sandals are awful. But why? Because some fashion guru told so? I don’t give a … you know what. 😉

    Besides, in some countries it’s not so uncommon. Watched a documentary about New Zealand a few weeks ago. There it seems to be common to wear sandals with socks, flip-flops with socks … or socks only. They filmed in a supermarket and many people were barefoot or wore socks only … no shoes. 🙂

    So, I don’t care. I wear what I want. And when it comes to women and fashion … I must admit I like it more if women wear “their own style” and not following fashion trends. Wear your sandals with socks!


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