The Truth about Pasta with Pesto

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If you have a small child you may already be familiar with the exotic thrill of a plate of pesto pasta for a small child. One plate is rarely enough for my own small boy. In light of his excessive fusilli with pesto stirred through it obsession I did some extensive research and found these 8 entirely true facts about Pesto Pasta!

1. Pesto is more expensive than gold. Even “value” pesto is equal in price to solid silver. Probably.
2. If you’re under the age of ten, pasta with pesto has the same addictive qualities as crack cocaine.
3. Pesto pasta is equally delicious served hot or cold. Other serving suggestions include fresh from the kitchen floor and from down the side of the sofa cushion with extra fluff, all equally delicious.
4. Pasta with pesto makes an ideal breakfast, dinner, tea, supper or midnight snack.
5. It is physically impossible to eat too much pesto pasta. I know, I’ve seen it happen.
6. Pasta with pesto is the secret to world peace. Maybe. If it can keep a four year old happy and in quite a pleasant mood, just imagine its impact on the Middle East.
7. You can spend the day lovingly creating the most nutritionally balanced, organic, free range, delicious meal in the world. But pasta with pesto will always be better.
8. Pasta with pesto does not count towards your five a day. Dammit. Why is that? It’s green, it totally should!

This post is NOT sponsored by the pesto marketing board.

Pasta with pesto

7 thoughts on “The Truth about Pasta with Pesto

  1. Hannah they do an aubergine one which my sister who is vegan can have and it’s the only one I really like now (maybe had pesto too much at uni) but I find it really hard to find in the shops for some reason.

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