Sorry Son

Sorry son, we’re not on the breadline just yet, but mummy looked in her purse and could only afford milk. I know you want a ham sandwich for your lunch but there’s no ham and no bread. Sorry son.

Sorry son. I know you want a cheese sandwich now, but the same applies. We’ve got no pesto to make you pesto pasta. We’ve got things you won’t eat like tomatoes and celery, but that’s no use. Sorry son.

Sorry son. We’ve only got two eggs, so your lunch is two scrambled eggs and some ketchup. I won’t have lunch so you won’t be able to steal mine. Sorry son.

Sorry son, I think your tea might be a packet of vegetable curry flavoured noodles with some frozen peas. That’s all that’s in the cupboard. Sorry son.

Sorry son, I’ll find some money from somewhere and buy you something nice to eat tomorrow. At least some ham and bread and cheese. Sorry son.

Sorry son for letting you down. For not earning more. It’s not that I don’t love you; I do with all my heart. Love doesn’t put food on the table. It’s a hard lesson I know. Sorry son.

I’m sorry.

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