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This is something I wrote ages ago that I found when I was sorting out some paperwork. I still open all parcels the same way…

A parcel arrived in the post, my name and address written in neat black ink, the sides of the parcel were stuck in regular lines with brown tape.

I gave the box an excited shake, whatever it was thudded around inside. I put the box down and thought hard about what it could be. I picked it up again and felt the weight of it in my hands. Intrigued and excited I tore at the paper, but the brown tape got the better of me. I desperately gnawed at it with my teeth. Breaking through and ripping the paper off.

Finally the contents began to reveal themselves to me. A bright orange box, embossed with four letters. D.K.N.Y. I squealed with excitement.

The box was cellotaped shut which slowed me down a little. I was desperate to get in. I rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, using it to hack at the tape until I finally managed to break through. I frantically scrabbled to open the box.

And there, inside, resting gorgeously, all new and lovely were a pair of beautiful D.K.N.Y shoes.

It was a D.K.N.Y dream come true.

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