7 different ways with Nestlé Cereals for Breakfast Week

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for the last week we have been celebrating Breakfast Week, a week in which we were challenged to “Shake Up Our Wake Up”. I have been Instagramming a new breakfast each morning, all made with Nestlé Cereals, and all have been delicious and a good healthy and balanced start to the day. They’ve also been pretty fun to make and eat too.

We started off Breakfast Week with Nestlé Shreddies Pancakes, made with wholemeal flour, agave syrup and sultanas, these were surprisingly filling and very tasty.

On Monday, we went off to work with our bellies filled with a couple of Shredded Wheat with some seasonal rhubarb which had been roasted in manuka honey and the zest and juice of an orange.

Tuesday we breakfasted on the hop, so a couple of Shredded Wheat and blueberry muffins were the order of the day, and very nice they were too! These were the most popular breakfast of the week with the boys, and I’m getting constant requests to make another batch, so these will be a regular part of our breakfast menu.

Wednesday brought a Cheerios trifle – a layer of Cheerios, topped with thick yoghurt and layered with fresh fruit – a delicious start to the day.

It was back to basics for me on Thursday with a bowl of Shreddies and dried fruit, but served in my own hand-painted breakfast bowl (you can read about our pottery painting experience here).

Friday was breakfast treat time with these Cheerios Crispie Slices, fat-free and full of wholegrains and dried fruit, you can pretty much forgive the marshmallow “glue” I used to stick it all together.

Saturday, the final day of Breakfast Week brought a chocolatey treat – Nestlé Nesquik cereal in Nesquik chocolate milk. Double chocolate and a rare treat to get the weekend going in style!

Breakfast Week has been fab. We’ve all made a special effort to have a proper breakfast each day. What we’ve really loved has been trying out more interesting ways of eating our Nestlé Cereal than just in a bowl with some milk. By adding our own twist, some fresh or dried fruit, chocolate milk, or baking tasty but healthy treats with them, we’ve really managed to shake up our wake up this week.

Looking at the #BreakfastWeek hashtag on both Instagram and Twitter it’s clear that so many people have been making an extra effort with their breakfasts this week. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I think Nestlé Cereals and Breakfast Week has spurred people like me on to make the effort to have a proper breakfast, not to skip it altogether or grab something unhealthy on the hop.

I do feel livelier and more alert because I’m making the effort to have something sensible for breakfast every day and I’ve noticed that with the wholegrain in the Nestlé Cereals I’ve been eating I’m feeling fuller for longer. They boys have loved mixing things up and if I take one thing away from this, it’s that Shredded Wheat muffins can make 5 year old boys very happy indeed.

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