My Sunday Photo 31.1.16

Learning to read

Although I’ve already written a blog post about my boy starting to learn to read, when I looked back over the photos I’d taken this week, this is the one I liked the best. It marks such a milestone in his development and will forever be a nice memory for us all.

So this is our son with his first reading book from school, as proud as punch to be reading with his Daddy.

17 responses to “My Sunday Photo 31.1.16

  1. What a lovely moment to capture and your son does look like he is really enjoying reading that book 🙂

  2. Reading! That’s what we like to see! Clever boy 🙂 Great Family moment captured there xx #MySundayPhoto x

  3. A wonderful moment, reading is such a joy, how wonderful that your son is just beginning what will hopefully be a lifetime enjoyment of reading.

  4. That’s such a proud moment for both of you! My boy is on the verge of reading too – doesn’t quite have the stamina to complete his first book! It’s a great feeling to see them reading isn’t it?!


  5. I love his face, he really looks like he is enjoying it & his daddy looks so encouraging. A wonderful memory #MySundayPhoto

  6. Well done that boy and Daddy too, he looks very encouraging there.

  7. That is a wonderful moment to capture. Such a special milestone x

  8. A beautiful memory captured.
    It’s such a milestone and one I remember so well with my two, although I never thought to take a photo. It’s so special.
    Well done young man ;D

  9. It is so nice to capture first stages, I hope he keeps enjoying books x

  10. How beautiful, my youngest is starting to read on her own now

    Thank you for linking up

  11. What a wonderful wonderful milestone. I love so much that Z is reading now too. Very very slowly …but reading!

  12. Tim’s Din! We’ve recently had that reading book too! I wonder who’s enjoying it more though!

  13. Aww! That is so sweet! Such a lovely moment to capture x

  14. It’s such a special moment that you have managed to capture #MySundayPhoto

  15. What a lovely picture. It’s so nice to see children reading!

  16. I cant wait for my son to start reading! What a clever boy and lovely picture to remember the milestone 🙂

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