Stoptober is Over

Well, that was the month that was. It’s looking very like I cracked the nut and stopped the fags. Huzzah etc. Can I tell you a story?

I went on a fairly epic night out, I’d sunk a serious quantity of booze, had a great time and I also had a fag. No wait, don’t be disappointed in me, it’s fine. It turns out that was the best fag of my life.

Fag Ash Lil
Fag Ash Lil

Stood outside a restaurant, swaying slightly from the cocktails I’d consumed that evening, I purloined a cigarette from a friend. I lit it, took a deep drag and then it hit me, the world started spinning, twisting, turning, flipping inside and out. I crouched on the pavement, still clutching the fag, trying to get my bearings. I was having a whitey. I’ve never had a whitey before, but this was unmistakable.

I somehow finished the fag (waste not want not) and struggled back inside and to my seat. I sat with my forehead pressed against the cold table, the universe still whizzing around me at 1000mph. My friends said I looked green and white and very, very wrong. Somehow after about ten minutes I pulled it back from the brink and I was ok. I’ve never in all my wild partying days experienced anything like that.

So that was it, my blissful love affair with nicotine over. It was horrible but I’m glad it happened, it’s stopped me and stopped me for good. Hopefully.

Stoptober is over. I’m nicotine free and happy. Success!

*You can find a range of tools and guidance on how to quit smoking from Boots here.

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