Gas Safety Week 2015 – Keep safe from Carbon Monoxide

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Gas Safety Week this year falls on  14th – 20th September. The end of September is generally the time when many households give into temptation and put their heating on, only to find that it’s not working properly or even at all. The start of autumn is a good time to get your boiler and central heating system serviced by a suitably qualified professional, just to make sure everything is working properly, efficiently and most importantly safely.

Looking back over my Facebook memories the other day I was reminded of a time in our old house, I was very pregnant and we were getting everything shipshape for the baby, we decided to get our boiler serviced. The engineer came, ran a few tests and then shut the whole system off. It was leaking dangerous carbon monoxide gas, and although it was a bit inconvenient, I’m very glad we got it checked and then repaired properly. I dread to think of what would’ve happened had we just left it. Now we make sure our whole system gets serviced annually and we have a couple of carbon monoxide sensors in the house.

It’s important that you get your boiler checked by a suitably qualified and registered Gas Safe Engineer. A check could help protect you and your family from dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning. Fitting a carbon monoxide detector is another useful safety precaution.

For more information on Gas Safety Week and for advice on getting your boiler properly serviced visit the Corgi Homeplan website. You can find out more about the harmful effects of carbon monoxide in this blog post I wrote last year too.

Gas Safety Week

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