6 thoughts on “Don’t let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life

  1. Don’t apologise. There’s no need. You’re you. We all do all sorts of things that we later regret and no amount of persuasion will stop us. These are the days we have to get through to reach happier ones. Don’t beat yourself up for having a down day after a crap weekend. That’ll just perpetuate it. You already know it may not have been the best move, don’t punish yourself by reliving it. Find your calm however you can. And if I can help with that, let me know.

    Just know that you are loved, always.

  2. I read blogs because I’m a little bit awed at the privilege of getting to know other people, how they think, how they get by. Much as I hate that you’re in pain and unhappy, I really appreciate you writing about it and to be honest it is this sort of post that keeps me reading you despite lots of sponsored stuff (that isn’t a criticism or a judgement! Just, I’m more interested in you than in stuff).
    You’re going to be far more of an expert on this than me, but when I was unable to move due to a trapped nerve in my back recently, 2 separate physio friends suggested lying on my front, with pillows under my chest to arch my back, as being more effective than lying on my back. I also found it more amenable to reading, watching TV, typing etc. Might be worth a try? So horrible, so frustrating to be stuck because of a spontaneous and what sounds like a lovely moment.

    1. Thanks Caz, I know I’ve not written many personal blogs recently, I guess in some ways I just feel like I’m going round in circles and people would start to think “here she goes again, can she stop banging on about being a mess”, what this weekend had taught me is that being forced to just STOP whilst being emotionally hard has made things much better for me physically. Despite my fresh injury, resting has done an awful lot of good in other ways.

      And I’ll try that pillow/back arching thing too, thank you xx

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